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Tell It Slant
A Conversation on the Language of Jesus in His Stories and Prayers
PAPERBACK; Published: 9/21/2012
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6886-2
Price: $ 18.99
297 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 6 x 9
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The fourth volume in Peterson's best-selling "conversations" in spiritual theology

Just as God used words both to create the world and to give us commandments, we too use words for many different purposes. In fact, we use the same language to talk to each other and to talk to God. Can our everyday speech, then, be just as important as the words and prayers we hear from the pulpit? Eugene Peterson unequivocally says "Yes!"

Peterson's Tell It Slant explores how Jesus used language, particularly in his parables and prayers. His was not a direct language of information or instruction but an indirect, oblique language requiring a participating imagination -- "slant" language. Tell It Slant beautifully points to Jesus' engaging, relational way of speaking as a model for us today.

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Publishers Weekly (starred review)
"Continuing his series of 'conversations' in spiritual theology, prolific author, pastor, and theologian Eugene Peterson provides an intimate look at Jesus' words. . . . Peterson's greatest gift is his ability to write about such ideas as sin, repentance, grace, and glory in masterfully simple — and concrete — ways."
Peter W. Marty
"If books were priced according to the linguistic care with which their sentences were assembled, this volume would be priceless. Peterson strikes forcefully at theological abstraction and sentimental godtalk, offering a provocative treatise on the conversational giftedness of Jesus. . . . A compendium of marvelous insights for rethinking our own expressions of faith."
"Valuable to Christian readers striving to make faith more than a Sunday ritual."
Bibliotheca Sacra
"As an aid toward growth in godliness this book is highly recommended."
"Tell it Slant is nourishment for the mind and spirit. It shows us, rather than simply tells us, how language, by being down to earth, respectful of the images, metaphors, and quirky details of daily life, can evoke the gift of God's presence. This journey into the conversational genius of Jesus in his parables and prayers will inspire readers to 'go and do likewise.'"
"Peterson is a skilled storyteller, and he keeps his stories simple, short, and to the point. . . . Recommended."
Christian Century
"Peterson, a master with language himself, looks at Jesus' use of language. . . . Preachers especially will find themselves returning to Peterson's imaginative expositions of Jesus' words and encounters."