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Horizons in Hermeneutics
A Festschrift in Honor of Anthony C. Thiselton
POD; Published: 4/24/2013
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6927-2
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317 Pages
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From essays that focus on the horizon of the text through to essays that consider the horizon of the twenty-first century church, this collection invites reflection on the illumination that hermeneutical awareness brings to biblical interpretation. This Festschrift in honor of Anthony C. Thiselton aims to consider, exemplify, and build upon his insights in philosophical hermeneutics and biblical studies, particularly in relation to Paul and his writings.
Craig L. Blomberg
— Denver Seminary
"For Anthony Thiselton, longtime professor of New Testament interpretation in Sheffield and Nottingham and prodigious and profound author and thinker, not to receive a Festschrift would be a grave injustice. Stanley Porter and Matthew Malcolm have not only honored Thiselton appropriately with this learned anthology of essays; they have also collected a series of first-rate studies covering the hermeneutic waterfront systematically and with reference to all of Thiselton's main interests. This is a special gift, with something for almost everyone in the church and the academy."
John Rogerson
— University of Sheffield
"There are some heavyweight contributors and some heavyweight contributions in this collection of essays. They range from constructive engagement with the work of A. C. Thiselton, through surveys of current issues in theological hermeneutics, to developments of themes and ideas taken from Thiselton's work. This is a stimulating and informative collection and a worthy tribute to what one contributor calls 'the prince of present-day hermeneuts.' "
Dennis Stamps
— St Nicholas Parish, Harpenden, Great Britain
"Professor Thiselton has always made hermeneutics a relevant subject for all training for ministry. This important collection of essays, exploring Old Testament and New Testament texts as well as theory, takes the conversation further. Anyone concerned about how the church interprets the Bible will want to read and gain from the rich array of contributions in this volume."
Review of Biblical Literature
"Succeeds admirably in fulfilling the express desideratum of a contribution in its own right to the fields of hermeneutic and biblical studies. The essays are all of a high quality. Many of them provide further substantiation of the usefulness of Thiselton`s basic two horizons paradigm, and many provide examples of its specific application and its fruitfulness in understanding scripture as well as its application. . . . Readers who work their way through these essays will have their hermeneutical sensitivities sharpened."
Reviews in Religion & Theology
"Highly interesting and thought provoking collection of articles that interact with the greatly significant contributions made by Anthony Thiselton."
Theological Book Review
"This memorial publication is fitting for Anthony Thiselton. . . . Highlights the influence of Thiselton on conceptions of hermeneutics."