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Arts Ministry
Nurturing the Creative Life of God's People
Michael J. Bauer
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POD; Published: 8/22/2013
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6928-9
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352 Pages
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Series: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Liturgical Studies (CICW)

The best available guidebook to the emerging field of Christian arts ministry

First United Methodist Church in Augusta, Georgia, gives concerts to raise money for local service organizations. Trinity Lutheran Church in Mission, Kansas, has been sponsoring a religious art show for more than twenty-five years. Fellowship Lutheran Church runs a Christian arts camp for young people every summer. These are just three of the eighteen case studies of practicing arts ministries in this book, in which Michael Bauer encourages the nurture and support of all the creative gifts of God's people.

Bauer lays a solid foundation for arts ministry, grounding it in the historic Christian tradition and urging churches to expand their engagement with the creative arts -- "to live and worship in full color," as he puts it. A concluding chapter clearly lays out how to develop an arts ministry, helping readers to take these ideas from theory to practice, to embrace and celebrate the continuing creative activity of God in the church.

Includes 19 black and white photos
“An intriguing look at both the nature of art in the life of communities of faith and an opportunity to learn from eighteen enlightening case studies of arts ministries that are occurring all over the country. . . . One of the few practical, foundational, historical, and useful resources for arts ministry in the church today.”
John D. Witvliet
-- series editor
"This volume is the best available guidebook to the emerging field of Christian arts ministry. Michael Bauer lays a solid foundation for arts ministry, grounding it in the historic Christian tradition and urging churches to expand their engagement with the creative arts -- 'to live and worship in full color.' Eighteen illustrative case studies help round out Bauer's rich discussion."
Jeremy Begbie
-- Duke University
"There are remarkably few books on arts ministry in the local church, and very few of them do justice to the sheer diversity of expression such ministry can manifest. Ecumenical and warmhearted, practical and positive, Bauer's book will provide great encouragement to churches 'on the ground.'"
Catherine Kapikian
-- Wesley Theological Seminary
Henry Luce III Center for the Arts and Religion
"This is an unprecedented expos� on arts ministry -- what it is, how it works, and why it succeeds. With unblinking, erudite analysis, Michael Bauer elucidates the meaning that is mediated through arts ministries. His myriad examples are richly ecumenical and resourceful in their capacity to captivate mind, body, and spirit. This must-read book will convince even the disinterested. Through this work Bauer succeeds in undergirding a nationwide movement."
Stephan Casurella
-- Christ Church Cathedral, Cincinnati
"For anyone wanting to explore the field of arts ministry, this book is a superb and remarkably comprehensive primer. Whether readers are most interested in the theological, aesthetic, or practical aspect, they will discover a solid foundation along with a generous list of resources for further study and application. Best of all, Michael Bauer's perspective is a refreshing antidote to the frequent laments I hear about the current `decline of artistic standards' in the church. . . . Bauer's enthusiasm for the work of the Spirit in the church today is contagious! I recommend this book heartily to professional artists, clerics, and laypersons alike."
Christian Scholar's Review
"An expansive volume, encyclopedic in scope and a great resource for exploring, expanding, resourcing and networking an arts ministry."
The Banner
"Examines the power and importance of using creative gifts in the local church."
Bibliotheca Sacra
"The author provides much food for thought. . . . This is a "how-to" manual, in that it provides many examples to be adopted or to stimulate creative thinking about opportunities for arts ministry. This excellent book deserves repeat reading as an invaluable resource on the reading list of all ministers in both church and parachurch ministries."
"Offers an insightful and thorough engagement with the North American resurgence of art within the Christian Church. Over nine chapters, Bauer helpfully explores significant theology, historical, and practical themes related to arts ministry in the church. . . . This book starts an important discussion that has not yet been given sufficient voice in the theology and arts conversation, particularly engaging theologically with the `voice' of practice. . . . This book not only helps those already engaged in arts ministry to evaluate the theology that underpins their practice but also serves those interested in establishing a ministry in their own church."
Congregational Libraries Today
"As a reference, guidebook or resource, this volume provides information, encouragement and inspiration. . . . Highly recommended for pastors, worship committees, and Christians in arts ministry."
Midwest Book Review
"Provides a fine survey of religious show art and how practicing arts ministries reach out to all. From its historic Christian roots to how churches can expand using the creative arts, this provides an outstanding survey recommended for pastors and any Christian collection."