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Renewing the Evangelical Mission
Richard Lints
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POD; Published: 5/26/2013
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6930-2
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282 Pages
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The "culture story" of evangelicalism during the second half of the twentieth century has been well told. It is important now to think about the theological mission of the church in an ever-increasing post-Christian and post-partisan context. What is the theologian's calling at the beginning of the third millennium? How do global realities impact the mission of evangelical theology? What sense can be made of the unity of evangelical theology in light of its many diverse voices?

This collection of essays draws together a stellar roster of evangelical thinkers with significant institutional memory of the evangelical movement who nonetheless see new opportunities for the evangelical voice in the years ahead.

Read more about the book in a blog post by Richard Lints and Adonis Vidu on EerdWord.

O s Guinness
Michael S. Horton
Richard Lints
Bruce McCormack
Mark Noll
J. I. Packer
Gary Parrett
Rodney Peterson
Cornelius Plantinga
Tite Tienou
Kevin J. Vanhoozer
Adonis Vidu
Miroslav Volf
D. A. Carson
— Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
"Projecting from earlier work by David Wells, Mark Noll, and Cornelius Plantinga, this important collection of essays attempts to prescribe the way forward for the disparate movement called evangelicalism. This is not the sort of book that marshals a wide swath of readers to agree with everything it says; rather, it is so consistently stimulating and provocative that no reader will agree with everything and all readers will come away with horizons enlarged and understanding deepened. Ignore this book and you will be impoverished; wrestle with it and you will be enriched."
Roger Lundin
— Wheaton College
"For several decades, evangelical scholars have engaged their tradition largely, and often brilliantly, from the vantage point of heirs taking the measure of a rich but tangled inheritance. Following the lead of David Wells, the authors in this superb volume write not as observers but as agents who seek to promote renewal through critical engagement and constructive theological response. From beginning to end, the chapters in this rich and bracing book chart a promising course for Christian witness and evangelical renewal in our global era."
Eric Gregory
— Princeton University
"This engaging volume outlines the most pressing issues facing evangelical identity and mission. Self-critical yet forward-looking, the contributors to Renewing the Evangelical Mission offer analyses that are not only historically and sociologically sensitive but also refreshingly theological in character. This is a fitting tribute both to the work of David Wells and to the complexity and diversity of the global evangelical movement in the twenty-first century."
Christianity Today
"Could serve as the point of departure for a seminar, a reading group, or a high-level Sunday school class. Essential reading."
Theological Book Review
"Renewing the Evangelical Mission emerged from a symposium on the theological character and dynamics of evangelicalism. . . . The robust group of evangelical authors hope to inspire and instruct the renewal of the evangelical movement."
Trinity Journal
"The contributors to this volume pick up where David Wells left off. They remind us that Christianity is done on a global scale and that while each group may have its different systems of beliefs, the influence of the global Christian community can no longer be ignored. . . . A good platform from which to start new discussions as to how evangelicism can thrive in the realm of global Christianity."