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Yet One More Spring
A Critical Study of Joy Davidman
Don W. King
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POD; Published: 9/5/2015
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6936-4
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272 Pages
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The first comprehensive study of a gifted but largely overlooked American writer

Joy Davidman (1915–1960) is probably best known today as the woman that C. S. Lewis married in the last decade of his life. But she was also an accomplished writer in her own right — an awardwinning poet and a prolific book, theater, and film reviewer during the late 1930s and early 1940s.

Yet One More Spring is the first comprehensive critical study of Joy Davidman's poetry, nonfiction, and fiction. Don King studies her body of work — including both published and unpublished works — chronologically, tracing her development as a writer and revealing Davidman's literary influence on C. S. Lewis. King also shows how Davidman's work reflects her religious and intellectual journey from secular Judaism to atheism to Communism to Christianity.

Drawing as it does on a cache of previously unknown manuscripts of Davidman's work, Yet One More Spring brings to light the work of a very gifted but largely overlooked American writer.

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Christianity Today 2016 Award of Merit for Culture and the
Douglas Gresham
— son of Joy Davidman Gresham Lewis
"Renowned as a scholar of my stepfather C. S. Lewis's work, Don King has long been fascinated and intrigued by my mother's writings. . . . An amazing portrait of a complex, extremely intelligent, deeply emotional, strong and courageous, yet emotionally fragile woman creeps out of the pages of this book."
Michael Ward
— author of The Narnia Code
"This important new study of Joy Davidman's writings is knowledgeable, informative, and most welcome. Of particular value is Don King's pioneering discussion of Davidman's recently unearthed sonnet sequence, a series of passionate, self-lacerating poems whose discovery is causing a major reassessment of her literary — and possibly even her personal — reputation."
Diana Pavlac Glyer
— author of The Company They Keep: C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien as Writers in Community
"I was intrigued, enlightened, and at times frankly astonished by what I discovered in these pages. Part anthology, part biography, part literary analysis, Yet One More Spring is a comprehensive look at Joy Davidman's literary legacy. Thought-provoking. Challenging. Satisfying. And long, long overdue."
Joe R. Christopher
— coauthor of C. S. Lewis: An Annotated Checklist of Writings about Him and His Works
"Joy Davidman: secular Jew, then Communist, then married with children, then Christian, then married to C. S. Lewis - all of these metamorphoses Don King traces in this book, evaluating her writing throughout. Davidman was a poet first and near the last, and a poet best. King has built the foundations for any future evaluations of her as writer."
Charlie W. Starr
— author of Light: C. S. Lewis's First and Final Short Story
"King's best insights into Joy Davidman come from where they ought to — a careful reading of her works and letters. His analysis of the implications of Davidman's newly discovered sonnet cycle on our biographical understanding of C. S. Lewis is reason alone to buy this book!"
Library Journal
"A vibrant reminder of the times in which she came of age and wrote, this book is designed to reestablish Davidman's place in the canon while showing something of the changes in her work as she moved from 'secular Judaism to atheism to Communism to Christianity.' Recommended for admirers of Davidman's work and for the reader who may want to know more about her years with Lewis."
Brett McCracken
Christianity Today
"This literary biography is a fascinating portrait of a woman who deserves to be seen as more than a famous man's wife. King traces Davidman's emotional, political, and spiritual evolution by closely examining her uneven but always interesting literary output. Though Lewis (naturally) has cameos, Davidman is the star: a strong woman and passionate writer whose love sonnets, especially, warrant closer examination."
"An affectionate tribute to American poet and writer Joy Davidman. . . . The book is well written; the bibliography is great. Recommended."