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From Here to Maturity
Overcoming the Juvenilization of American Christianity
Thomas E Bergler
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POD; Published: 11/27/2014
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6944-9
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189 Pages
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Expert guidance on how to grow up in Christ

This book is a follow-up to Thomas Bergler's acclaimed work The Juvenilization of American Christianity, which documents how church youth ministries over the past several decades have contributed to a process of adolescent spiritual traits becoming accepted and even celebrated by Christians of all ages. This "juvenilization" in the church is a real problem that must be addressed, says Bergler, and in his new book he addresses it head-on.

Bergler's From Here to Maturity is an accessible guide for helping both individuals and whole faith communities to grow spiritually. Bergler claims that spiritual maturity — defined as "basic competence in the Christian life" — is both desirable and attainable, and he effectively presents a biblical theology of spiritual maturity, identifying its traits from pertinent New Testament passages.

Adapting Dallas Willard's model of spiritual formation and applying it to congregational life, Bergler offers a wealth of practical, research-based guidance as to how Christian leaders can effectively foster spiritual maturity in their congregations. He also identifies six key faith- sustaining factors and provides a system for evaluating a church's state of spiritual maturity and steps for improving it. Ecumenically friendly, From Here to Maturity will be useful to individuals and leaders from many different churches and theological traditions.

Journal of Spiritual Formation & Soul Care
"Bergler's contribution arises from his earnest passion to equip churches and ministries to be better and impact this world with the Gospel. For this, the reader is certainly the beneficiary."
David Neff
— former editor in chief of Christianity Today
"Though only individuals can be mature, Thomas Bergler argues that spiritual maturity can only be achieved in the context of community. That makes your spiritual growth (and mine) everybody's business. In From Here to Maturity church leaders will discover a helpful guide from which to gain the vision and develop a plan for their church members to grow up in the Lord."
Daniel Keating
— Sacred Heart Major Seminary
"This book explains what spiritual maturity is, why we should pursue it, and how we can reach it. Readers are treated to a compelling vision of what mature Christian discipleship looks like and at the same time given practical means to implement that vision in real life. . . . A significant contribution to a hugely important subject for the church today."
Dean Borgman
— Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
"Important, challenging, and ecumenically friendly. . . . Bergler explains, step by step, how a church can stem the influence of juvenilization and promote spiritually mature Christians. A substantive discussion of spiritual formation."
Catholic Library World
"Bergler's synthesis of his previous work coupled with application that integrates notable works on spiritual growth, makes this brief work an excellent book addressing a critical issue in today's Church."
Ordained Servant
"This book is an essential companion to The Juvenilization of American Christianity. Both should be required reading for sessions and youth leaders."
Lutheran Quarterly
"Bergler does an outstanding job describing youth culture."