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Christ across the Disciplines
Past, Present, Future
Roger Lundin
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POD; Published: 10/3/2013
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6947-0
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242 Pages
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A diverse and dazzling look at the current state of Christian thought

In Christ across the Disciplines a group of distinguished scholars from across the theological spectrum explores the dynamic relationship between the Christian faith and the life of the mind. Although the essays in this volume are rooted in a rich understanding of the past, they focus primarily on how Christian students, teachers, and scholars might best meet the challenges of intellectual and cultural life in a global world.

This book ranges widely over the broad terrain of contemporary academic and cultural life, covering such topics as the enormous growth of political activism in late twentieth-century evangelicalism, the dynamics of literature and faith in the African-American experience, the dramatic implications of globalization for those who profess Christ and practice the life of the mind, and more!

Ste phen M. Barr
Katherine Clay Bassard
David Bebbington
Jeremy S. Begbie
David N. Livingstone
John Schmalzbauer
Sujit Sivasundaram
Eleonore Stump
John Webster
Mark Noll
-- University of Notre Dame
"This pace-setting volume offers a most helpful account of the effort to `integrate faith and learning' as that effort has been understood by Christian scholars and Christian colleges since mid-century. Even more, it shows many and varied ways for moving beyond `integration' to other fruitful practices for promoting scholarship as faithful believers. It is a compelling book of unusual insight."
Leonard Sweet
-- Drew University
"An engrossing and enchanting collection filled with surprising sparklers, unsettling firecrackers, and even fireworks that explode in reframed conversations and new horizons of insight."
Alan Jacobs
-- Baylor University
"Roger Lundin has assembled a stellar cast of Christian intellectuals to reflect on the difference that the lordship of Jesus Christ makes, or can make, to academic endeavors. Each contributor is deeply knowledgeable about the history of his or her discipline and brings theologically sophisticated analysis to bear on its possible futures. This is an indispensable resource for those who want to discern the most fruitful paths available for Christian intellectual life."
Choice (American Library Association)
"Explores the integration of faith and learning in evangelical Christian higher education since the end of WWII. . . . A thoughtful response to contemporary issues affecting faith and higher education. Recommended."
Christianity Today
"An outstanding collection of essays. . . . An energizing volume to keep at hand."