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Excavating the Land of Jesus
How Archaeologists Study the People of the Gospels
James Riley Strange
Foreword by Luke Timothy Johnson

HARDCOVER; Coming Soon: 6/20/2023
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6950-0
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208 Pages
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How do archaeologists unearth the daily life of people from Jesus’s time?

Contrary to popular belief, archaeology of first-century Roman Galilee is not about illustrating or proving the gospels, drawing timelines, or hunting treasure. Rather, it is about understanding the lives of people, just like us, who lived in the time of Jesus. How do we conceive of Jesus and his mission as part of a larger world? How did different groups in Roman Galilee understand their identities and values? How do we interpret material culture in conjunction with textual evidence from the gospels? On a more basic level, how do we know where and how to dig?

James Riley Strange teaches students how to address these problems in Excavating the Land of Jesus. Drawing on professional experience as a scientific archaeologist in Israel, Strange explains current methodology for ground surveying, excavating evidence, and interpreting data. Excavating the Land of Jesus is the ideal textbook for students seeking answers in the dirt of the Holy Land.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to the Problem of Understanding First Century Roman Galilee 
2. The Basic Problems: Where to Dig and How to Know Where You Are Digging 
3. The Problem of How to Dig 
4. The Problem of Using Texts and Archaeology 
5. The Problem of Understanding Ancient Technologies 
6. The Problem of Understanding Ancient Values 
7. Conclusion