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Perspectives on Our Father Abraham
Essays in Honor of Marvin R. Wilson
POD; Published: 9/18/2012
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6953-1
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397 Pages
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Marvin R. Wilson has devoted much of his life to bringing Jews and Christians into dialogue with one another. His seminal text, Our Father Abraham — perhaps more than any other book — has clearly shown a generation of Christians the Jewish roots of their faith.

Perspectives on Our Father Abraham is a collection of thoughtful articles honoring Marv Wilson on the occasion of his seventy -fifth birthday. Nineteen Jewish and Christian scholars — friends of his and experts in their own fields — here offer various studies related to the patriarch Abraham. Readers will profit from these engaging, even groundbreaking, studies of Abraham both in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures and in other ancient and contemporary traditions.

More than simply a Festschrift, this book encompasses a uniquely broad range of traditions having to do with Abraham. It also succeeds in the task that Wilson has always encouraged — bringing Jews and Christians together in fruitful dialogue.

Contributors :
William B. Barcley
Rebecca Gates Brinton
R. Judson Carlberg
Roy E. Ciampa
Gordon D. Fee
Roger J. Green
Ted Hildebrandt
Steven A. Hunt
David Klatzker
JoAnn G. Magnuson
David Mathewson
John N. Oswalt
Elaine Phillips
A. James Rudin
Mark L. Sargent
H. G. M. Williamson
Lauren F. Winner
Edwin M. Yamauchi
David J. Zucker
Craig A. Evans
— Acadia Divinity College
"Students, colleagues, and friends have assembled an outstanding collection of studies in honor of long-serving and widely respected Marvin Wilson. Perspectives on Our Father Abraham, a title that alludes to Wilson's landmark study, is a fitting tribute to a first-rate scholar and beloved classroom teacher. Everyone interested in biblical studies, the relationship of Jews and Christians, and, especially, the figure of Abraham in tradition and history will love this book."
Tremper Longman III
— Westmont College
"Perspectives on Our Father Abraham is a remarkable volume honoring a remarkable and influential teacher and writer. With a focus on Abraham, biblical scholars and clergy present insightful and provocative views that are sure to challenge and inform the readers of this volume. I highly recommend it."
Sonia Schreiber Weitz
— The Holocaust Center, Boston North Inc.
"Continuing to fill our lives with his great wisdom and envisioning beautiful possibilities along the way, Marvin Wilson builds bridges of love between Christian and Jewish communities. As for me, a survivor of the Shoah, Marv restored my faith in humanity, and for that I am eternally grateful."