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The Way of the Wesleys
A Short Introduction
John R. Tyson
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POD; Published: 12/25/2014
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6954-8
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212 Pages
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Engaging, accessible survey of major Wesleyan theological themes

The Wesley brothers — John (1703-1791) and Charles (1707-1788) — are famous as the cofounders of the Wesleyan tradition and the Methodist family of churches. Their impact and legacy have been huge: what began as the excited outpouring of their conversion experiences grew into a transatlantic revival and became a vibrant and significant theological tradition. But what exactly did they believe and teach?

In this book John Tyson, an acknowledged authority on Methodist studies, offers a helpful introduction to the main teachings and practices of both John and Charles Wesley. The first book to show how Charles, the younger and lesser-known brother, contributed in particular to Wesleyan theology, The Way of the Wesleys takes readers through main theological points thematically. Tyson also includes suggestions for further reading and questions for reflection at the end of each chapter.

Lavishly documented from the Wesleys' own writings, this engaging, accessible book shows why the Wesleys remain relevant to the faith journey of Christians today.
Christian Librarian
"An eminently readable review of the theological system expounded through Charles and John Wesley's hymns and sermons. . . . A particularly valuable perspective on this important area of Protestant church history."
Jason Byassee
— Boone United Methodist Church, North Carolina
"An accessible and elegant introduction to our Methodist heritage."
Ben Witherington III
— Asbury Theological Seminary
"Of the making of historical assessments of the Wesleys there is no end, but strangely there have been too few good theological assessments of their legacy in recent years. In clear prose John Tyson, one of the great experts on the Wesleys, shows how their theological largesse is valid and valuable for the church today. Highly recommended."
Paul W. Chilcote
— Ashland Theological Seminary
"Drawing on the hymns and sermons of Charles Wesley, the lyrical theologian, and on the writings of John Wesley, the preacher theologian, Tyson provides a panoramic vision of their theology of grace. Rather than organizing their theological vision around the classical categories of systematic theology, he demonstrates the organic nature of a lived Wesleyan theology."
Christopher H. Evans
— Boston University
"This invaluable study of John and Charles Wesley will serve a wide audience in the church and the academy. With great sensitivity to the Wesleys' historical context, Tyson shows how the Wesleyan theological legacy continues to speak to issues facing Christian faith communities in the twenty-first century."
Ted A. Campbell
— Perkins School of Theology
"A short but very substantial introduction to the rich theological inheritance of John and Charles Wesley. What distinguishes Tyson's work is his intimate knowledge of the Wesleyan literature, especially the poetry of Charles. . . . The result is a rich feast for contemporary folks committed to the Wesleyan way of being Christian."
Congregational Libraries Today
"Recommended for libraries in United Methodist churches and others in the Wesleyan tradition."
"Tyson's authoritative overview of the brothers Wesley serves as both a superb introduction to their respective theologies and a guide for spiritual nourishment. . . . This book yields a feast of Wesleyan spirituality; chapters deserve prayerful reading and rumination. Invaluable for students of Methodism. . . . Highly recommended."
Library Journal
"Neither a history of the movement nor a dual biography of the siblings, this volume treats John and Charles Wesley as religious thinkers and leaders. . . . This brisk, capably written, and effective treatment of the religious beliefs of two crucially important Christian writers and leaders is suitable for church groups and individual readers."