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David Remembered
Kingship and National Identity in Ancient Israel
POD; Published: 8/18/2013
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6958-6
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231 Pages
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Examines the David theme in the collective mind of ancient Israel and the early church

In this follow-up study to Judaism, The First Phase, Joseph Blenkinsopp traces the development of traditions about David in the collective memory of the people of Israel and the first Christians, from the extinction of the Davidic dynasty in the sixth century B.C.E. to the early common era.

David Remembered is neither a biography of David nor an exegetical study of the biblical narrative about David. Rather, it focuses on the memory of David as a powerful factor in the formation of social identity, in political activity (especially in reaction to imperial rule), and in projections of the future viewed as the restoration of a never-forgotten past.

Read more about the book in a blog post by Blenkinsopp on EerdWord, the Eerdmans blog.
Biblical Theology Bulletin
"Anyone with an academic interest in second temple history or the development of messianism would benefit handsomely by reading [Blenkinsopp's] work."
“A compelling read that illuminates how David’s legacy is remembered and utilized in the centuries after his death. . . . Remarkably readable and lucid.”
James L. Kugel
-- Bar-Ilan University
"A wide-ranging exploration of the afterlife of David and the Davidic dynasty in both history and Scripture. Blenkinsopp's work is, as usual, careful and yet bubbling with new ideas and proposals. An intriguing investigation."
Jon D. Levenson
-- Harvard University
"In lucid and accessible language but with his characteristic deep learning and eminently good judgment, Joseph Blenkinsopp traces the development of Jewish thinking about God's promise to David in periods that are crucial for Judaism and Christianity alike and yet underappreciated outside the academy. Both those familiar with the texts he discusses and those unfamiliar with them will find this book illuminating and rewarding -- and a pleasure to read. Highly recommended."
John Barton
-- University of Oxford
"Joseph Blenkinsopp's treatment of the king of Israel who became the prototype for the Messiah is characteristically lucid and informed with intense historical and theological learning. . . . An enthralling read."
Lester L. Grabbe
-- University of Hull
"Much has been written on the historical David in recent years, but there has been a gap in studies of how the David story was later interpreted in the Second Temple period. Blenkinsopp fills that gap with this masterful yet readable account, tracing how the David tradition was remembered and applied from the last days of the kingdom of Judah, through Zerubbabel and Nehemiah, the prophetic expectation of a future king like David, to the concept of a protective Davidic messiah in the Roman period and, finally, Jesus as a Davidic descendant."
Steven L. McKenzie
-- Rhodes College
"Blenkinsopp's command of the breadth and depth of evidence from primary and secondary sources, from the Babylonian to the Roman periods, is most impressive. . . . David Remembered is eminently accessible to all readers but packed with detailed information in dialogue with the latest scholarship."
Review of Biblical Literature
"A sweeping yet detailed study of the legacy of the Davidic dynasty on Second Temple Judaism and early Christianity. The reconstruction of the afterlife of David from the sixth century BCE down to the early second century CE, during which time the data is sometimes sparse, is a masterful example of exegetical detective work. . . . The book is well-written and accessible to scholars, students, and educated laypersons. Anyone interested in the afterlife of the Davidic dynasty or in how Kind David became the prototype for the Messiah will be fascinated by this book."
Choice (American Library Association)
"In this well-researched monograph Blenkinsopp traces how the idea and ideal of a Davidic ruler developed in new, often messianic ways once the last reigning Davidic king was deposed. . . . Blenkinsopp is excellent at evoking the many historical traumas experienced by the Judean population. . . . The author presents a nuanced and rich portrait of the movement from the earlier theological matrix of ideas surrounding the living Davidic king into the full-blown late biblical (and Jewish noncanonical) messianic theologies. . . . Recommended."
Bible Today
"With the scholarly precision and expansive grasp of relevant material we have come to expect from this eminent scholar, Blenkinsopp shows how the `David legend' influenced the development of that strand of social and political thought in both the Jewish and the Christian traditions. While the readership envisioned is clearly those who are biblically educated, the manner in which Davidic messianism is traced would be of interest to many believers. This is a fine piece of work."
Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
"Those who yearn for satisfying integration of biblical exegesis, history, and theology will find fulfillment in this stylistically pleasing work. Joseph Blenkinsopp presents an informative study of the themes of Davidic monarchy and messianism from the late pre-exile period through the Second Temple period and on the way in which the Jewish communities of those 600 years remembered and reshaped the Davidic tradition. . . . One could wish for more of this kind of incisive and instructive scholarship."
Theological Book Review
"Blenkinsopp describes the final decades of the House of David and the aftermath of its fall, the latter being characterized by the longing for its restoration and political rivalry. . . . Those interested in this subject, from a New Testament or Old Testament perspective, will benefit from this book, whether undergraduate level or above."
Times Literary Supplement
"David Remembered is one of the most readable accounts of the history of ancient Israel known to me, showing absolute mastery of both the primary and the secondary literature. . . . Joseph Blenkinsopp is a major biblical scholar. . . . This book shows him in full flight, extending our knowledge of every topic he touches."