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Cross and Kremlin
A Brief History of the Orthodox Church in Russia

POD; Published: 10/17/2013
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6962-3
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190 Pages
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Translated by Eric Gritsch

Accessible, fresh introduction to ten centuries of Russian Orthodoxy

Russian political history and Russian church history are tied together very tightly. One cannot properly understand the overall history of Russia without considering the role of the Orthodox Church in Russia.

Cross and Kremlin uniquely surveys both the history and the contemporary situation of the Russian Orthodox Church. The first chapter gives a concise chronology from the tenth century through the present day. The following chapters highlight several important issues and aspects of Russian Orthodoxy -- church-state relations, theology, ecclesiastical structure, monasticism, spirituality, the relation of Russian Orthodoxy to the West, dissidence as a frequent phenomenon in Russian church history, and more.

Read more about the book in a blog post by Bremer on EerdWord.
Michael Plekon
-- Baruch College, City University of New York
"The Russian Orthodox Church has a complex history, fascinating theology, intriguing saints, and a beautiful panoply of sacred art in icons and music and liturgy. Thomas Bremer does a great service in providing a most accessible, accurate, and informative overview of it all. This will be the best encounter that many readers have with the Russian incarnation of Christianity."
Gregory Freeze
-- Brandeis University
"Bremer's history of Russian Orthodoxy -- from its inception in the tenth century to its status in the early twenty-first -- is erudite, concise, and readable. After a brief historical overview, the book follows a thematic structure, with chapters on such matters as church-state relations, theology, and dissidence. . . . This excellent translation of the 2007 German original (updated to include recent statistics) provides general readers with a reliable introduction to Russian Orthodoxy -- the first such volume to appear in recent times."
Gregory Havrilak
-- Georgetown University
"This is not just another history book on the Russian Church. For the student and teacher of religion, culture, and East European history, it offers a fresh approach to discussing current challenges facing the Church, such as national identity issues, global ethics, and ecumenical relations since 1990. Bremer's Cross and Kremlin will more than bring you up to date. I wholeheartedly recommend it."
Paul Mojzes
-- Rosemont College
"Thomas Bremer's Cross and Kremlin is a sympathetic yet critical interpretation of Russian Orthodoxy by a non-Orthodox expert who loves and understands its varied historical and thematic manifestations. This book will be welcomed by specialists and nonexperts alike."
Ines Angeli Murzaku
-- Seton Hall University
"The history of Russia and the history of the Russian Orthodox Church are inherently connected. Written by a seasoned scholar, this highly readable, chronological, succinct yet thorough explanation of the thousand-year history of the Orthodox Church in Russia will become essential reading for scholars and students interested in Russian Orthodoxy, Eastern Christianity, and Russian history."
Theological Studies
"A concise and approachable summary of the history, theology, and practice of Orthodox Christianity in Russia over the past millennium. Bremer emphasizes the intersection of church and state and pays particular attention to the ways both took their present form in response to a series of engagements with the `West.' These emphases are nicely situated within a broader discussion of the Orthodox intellectual tradition in the post-Byzantine world. One of the great contributions of the book is the way he positions present-day challenges and debates within the long history of Russian Christianity."
Choice (American Library Association)
"A valuable and useful summary. Recommended."