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Theology for Liberal Protestants
God the Creator
POD; Published: 9/6/2013
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6967-8
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377 Pages
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Original, readable, revisionary interpretation of Christian believing in systematic form

A two- volume work by Douglas Ottati, Theology for Liberal Protestants presents a comprehensive theology for Christians who are willing to rethink and revise traditional doctrines in face of contemporary challenges. It is Augustinian, claiming that we belong to the God of grace who creates, judges, and renews. It is Protestant, affirming the priority of the Bible and the fallibility of church teaching. It is liberal, recognizing the importance of critical arguments and scientific inquiries, a deeply historical consciousness, and a commitment to social criticism and engagement.

This first volume contains sections on method and creation. Ottati's method envisions the world and ourselves in relation to God as Creator, Judge, and Redeemer. The bulk of the book offers an in-depth discussion of God as Creator, the world as creation, and humans as good, capable, and limited creatures.

Read more about the book in a blog post by Ottati on EerdWord.

Roger J. Gench
-- The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church
"Theology for Liberal Protestants is a much-needed book by a master teacher. In it Doug Ottati recovers something in danger of being lost -- a systematic account of contemporary life in relation to God as Creator-Judge-Redeemer. He succeeds admirably. . . . Engagingly written and accessible to a wide range of readers."
William Schweiker
-- University of Chicago Divinity School
"In this stunning volume Douglas Ottati presents a historically rich and religiously nuanced account of Christian faith that decisively reorients contemporary theology. . . . This book is a treasure trove of insight into the dynamics of the Christian life. Ottati is a distinctive theological voice, and this volume establishes him as one of the foremost theologians working today. It should be widely read, carefully pondered, and deeply treasured."
Rebekah Miles
-- Southern Methodist University
"If you've ever feared that American liberal theology was down for the count, you'll be cheered by Douglas Ottati's careful and accessible work. Drawing on distinctive themes from Augustinian, Protestant, and liberal traditions, Ottati puts forward a robust and unapologetic liberal theology in the Reformed tradition."
Douglas J. Schuurman
-- St. Olaf College
"By situating humans within the larger contexts of 'cosmic ecology' and 'cosmic passage,' and ultimately in the context of God, Ottati's Theology for Liberal Protestants: God the Creator constructs a humbling yet inspiring theocentric vision of the cosmos and human life. This is a remarkable and much-needed contribution to systematic theology."
Dawn DeVries
-- Union Presbyterian Seminary
"For professional theologians, clergy, and laity alike, this book is an invaluable resource. . . . The deep and broad erudition on display is impressive. But equally noteworthy is Ottati's continuous attention to the practical and ethical dimensions of theological ideas and their ultimate purpose to aid in the nurture and promotion of piety. Highly recommended."
Mary McClintock Fulkerson
-- Duke Divinity School
"An intellectually rich and utterly compelling constructive liberal theology. Addressing real problems associated with the term 'liberal,' Ottati provides a groundbreaking alternative to many caricatures of liberal theology as he draws upon a vast array of classic and modern theologians to expand our theological imagination."
Reviews in Religion & Theology
"Ottati's work is impressive in its scope, and the ease with which he engages diverse conversation partners, from John Calvin to Frans de Waal, is to be highly commended. . . . The work will prove to be informative, engaging, and illuminating for all serious students of theology in the university, seminary and the church."
Christian Century
"The long-awaited first volume of Ottati's systematic theology. . . . Whether or not you identify as a liberal Protestant, Ottati's work is eminently worth reading. He writes in the clear tones of a professor adept at engaging eager young undergraduates, as well as equally eager, sometimes overly pious seminarians uncertain about the whole enterprise of theology. With story, song, and a calm narrative style, he lures his readers into theological reflection that attend at once to the ordinary details of human life and to expansive wonder at the glory of God."