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Reading Philo
A Handbook to Philo of Alexandria
Torrey Seland
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POD; Published: 11/29/2014
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7069-8
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361 Pages
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Guidebook par excellence to a significant ancient Jewish scholar

A contemporary of both Jesus and the apostle Paul, Philo was a prolific Jewish theologian, philosopher, and politician — a fascinating, somewhat enigmatic figure — who lived his entire life in Alexandria, Egypt. His many books are important sources for our understanding of ancient Judaism, early Christianity, and the philosophical currents of that time.

Reading Philo is an excellent introductory guide to Philo's work and significance. The contributors — all well-known experts on Philo of Alexandria — discuss Philo in context, offer methodological considerations (how best to study Philo), and explore Philo's ongoing relevance and value (why reading him is important). This practical volume will be an indispensable resource for anyone delving into Philo and his world.

Read more about the book in a blog interview with its author, Torrey Seland, on Eerdword.
Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
"A great success. . . . Effectively introduces a reader to the person and writings of this important Jewish figure from the time of Christ. . . . Will surely become a standard text for graduate seminars on Philo for years to come."
Religious Studies Review
“This volume is a useful resource that puts discussions of important aspects of Philo scholarship at the disposal of the interested reader.”
Clare K. Rothschild
— Lewis University
"This collection of essays on Philo is unusually comprehensive, treating a full range of topics and containing insightful new reflections on these topics by bona fide experts in the field. . . . A valuable handbook, perfect for anyone eager to become better acquainted with this important historical figure."
Ronald R. Cox
— Pepperdine University
"Helpfully fills a gap between basic introductions and narrowly focused studies. With preeminent scholars as guides, readers learn much not only about Philo's works and world but also about the state of research in Philonic studies. This book will equip readers to enter into the conversation about why Philo is so significant for understanding ancient Judaism and early Christianity."
Jutta Leonhardt-Balzer
— University of Aberdeen
"Nine international experts on Philo introduce a new generation of scholars to his life and thought. . . . A thoroughly practical handbook."
Folker Siegert
— University of M�nster
"Experts on Hellenistic Judaism, Christian and Jewish, give an overview of Philo as well as the most relevant secondary studies. Throughout the work the tendencies of former research are briefly stated and explained so that a whole century of Philo research becomes transparent. "
Marian Hillar
— Center for Socinian, Philosophical, and Religious Studies
"Philo of Alexandria remains one of the most important witnesses of the first century C.E. and a prime source of information for our knowledge of this epoch. . . . The initiative of this book is to be applauded."
Association of Jewish Libraries Reviews
"This excellent handbook fills a gap between general overviews and specialized narrowly focused studies on the work and life of Philo Judaeus. It sheds light on his thought, scriptural exegesis, political thought, and his influence on Christianity, as well as on the influences on him by a variety of schools of Greek thought. . . . Recommended for all libraries, especially academic."