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POD; Published: 5/16/2019
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7099-5
Price: $ 15.50
104 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 5 x 7
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Robust poetry from one of contemporary Christianity's greatest wordsmiths

Throughout his many years of pastoral ministry, almost everything Eugene Peterson has done — preaching, teaching, praying, counseling, writing — has involved words. To keep himself attuned to the power of words and to help himself use language with precision and imagination, Peterson both reads and writes poetry.

Holy Luck presents, in one luminous volume, seventy poems by Peterson, most of them not previously published. Speaking to various aspects of "Kingdom of God" living, these poems are arranged in three sets:

Holy Luck — poems arising out of the Beatitudes
The Rustling Grass — poems opening up invisible Kingdom realities through particular created things
Smooth Stones — occasional poems about discovering significance in every detail encountered while following Jesus

Echoing the language of Peterson's popular Bible translation, The Message, the poems in Holy Luck are well suited for devotional purposes. An ideal gift item, this volume is one that readers will look to again and again.

Watch a video introduction from Eugene Peterson here.

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Sharing the Practice
"The poems are a slow-read treasure, a meditative moment, and a place to return. . . . This is a book to pick up and ponder again and again."
Congregational Libraries Today
"The verses in Holy Luck are rich in vocabulary, in word pictures, and in the wisdom Eugene H. Peterson has gleaned from years of ministry and life experience."
St. Anthony Messenger
"This small yet beautiful collection lifts language to the dimension of holiness inspired by Scripture and by the extraordinary hidden in the everyday."
The Living Church
"Peterson shepherds his words and images so that whether he makes them lie down in green pastures or on the rocky desert places and gorges, they uncover fresh revelations from the Word of God."