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Francis, a New World Pope
PAPERBACK; Published: 8/22/2013
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7100-8
Price: $ 14.00
128 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 5.5 x 8.5

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After Pope Benedict XVI's historic resignation of the papal office in 2012, the College of Cardinals elected Jorge Mario Bergoglio — now Pope Francis — as the new leader of the world's estimated 1.2 billion Roman Catholics.

But who is this new Pope — really?

In Francis, a New World Pope, Michel Cool surveys Pope Francis's journey to the papacy, his convictions, his personality, and his writings, as well as the challenges he faces in his new office: the governance of the church, new evangelization in secularized societies, and poverty, among many others.

Peppered throughout with anecdotes that demonstrate the humanity of Pope Francis — and his sensitivity to those who are most distant from the Church — this book paints a vibrant portrait of the man who has chosen for his motto miserando atque eligendo: "lowly but chosen."

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Robert Louis Wilken
"Here is a book on the new pope to be enjoyed now and cherished later. . . . What makes this book such a pleasure to read is that it includes selections from his earlier speeches and writings -- on the city of Buenos Aires, on the economy, on a girlfriend of his before he 'discovered [his] religious vocation,' on humility, on single mothers, on the tango, on soccer, and more. And then there are illuminating comments on the man from people in Argentina -- a lawyer, a student, a priest, and others. Francis, a New World Pope is a unique introduction to the man who is now Pope Francis."
Library Journal (STARRED review)
"An intelligent and prudent guide to the new pope, Cool's book urges a modest optimism about Francis's leadership; it will prove immensely helpful to Catholic and non-Catholic readers alike."
Catholic Library World
"A satisfying and personal profile of Pope Francis. The text is a quick read that both young and old will enjoy. . . . It offers specific personal accounts of a spiritual experience that steered the young Bergolio toward a religious vocation; evidence of his honored views of obedience that likely saved his political life; and characteristics such as being a polyglot, good listener, well-organized and methodical, and a forthright yet open-minded man that aided him being chosen as the Church leader. . . . Appropriate and useful for all libraries."
"Gives readers important insights into what [Pope Francis] was like before he became pope. Cool shares earlier speeches and writing from Pope Francis, a Jesuit, and these are a window on the themes closest to his heart. Black and white photos, including family photos, enrich the book. . . . By all accounts, as this book makes clear, this is a pope of compassion, benevolence and mercy. While his legacy has yet to be determined, he is already bringing hope to millions of people around the world."
"Surveys Pope Francis's journey to the papacy, his convictions, his personality, his writings, and the daunting challenges he faces. . . . Peppered throughout with anecdotes that demonstrate the humanity of Pope Francis as well as his sensitivity to those on the fringes, this book paints a vibrant portrait of the man."