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Bearing the Unbearable
Trauma, Gospel, and Pastoral Care

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PAPERBACK; Published: 7/4/2015
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7103-9
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179 Pages
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A Christ-centered approach to dealing with trauma on both a personal and a communal level

Traumas abound. Post-traumatic stress disorder, emotional and sexual abuse, unbearable anxiety and fear, and a host of other traumas afflict people everywhere. In this book Deborah van Deusen Hunsinger weaves together threads from the fields of psychology and pastoral theology as she explores the impact of trauma on people's lives and offers practical strategies and restorative practices for dealing with it.

Not only a teacher of pastoral theology but also an experienced pastoral counselor herself, Hunsinger draws on the resources of depth psychology, including object relations theory, trauma theory, family systems theory, nonviolent communication, and restorative circles. She then places her findings in a Christian theological context, emphasizing God's work in and through Jesus' passion, death, and resurrection, to present a cohesive, faith-based vision for healing.

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Academy of Parish Clergy 2015 Book of the Year
Katherine Sonderegger
— Virginia Theological Seminary
"Lovely, powerful, and rich. Deborah van Deusen Hunsinger brings to this book an analyst's skill, a theologian's wisdom, and a pastor's heart, each in turn providing the language, the tools, and the hope needed in the face of great suffering. . . . This book is a treasure in our broken world."
Marilyn Chandler McEntyre
— author of A Long Letting Go: Meditations on Losing Someone You Love
"A rich resource for pastoral caregivers and lay readers who seek to foster hope and healing in hard times. . . . Compelling and clear, Bearing the Unbearable brings into conversation a wide range of writers involved in clinical and pastoral work, synthesizing their contributions in a graceful gathering of insights that is shaped and made new by Hunsinger's own generous reflections on the role of prayer, humility, empathy, and openness to the Holy Spirit in the intimate work of accompanying others as they walk the dark stretches on their life paths."
Katherine Wiebe
— Institute for Congregational Trauma and Growth
"Without question, caring community is an essential source of healing for survivors of trauma. In Bearing the Unbearable Hunsinger deftly displays practical pathways for ministers and congregations to provide this key component. . . . This volume will be a valuable addition to the minister's library, encouraging personal and relational restoration for both survivors and caregivers."
Ann Belford Ulanov
— author of The Unshuttered Heart and The Healing Imagination
"This is a splendid book of deep and practical wisdom. Each chapter gives major ideas on how to bear unbearable trauma and find pathways to healing. . . . Offers spiritual guidance as well as a wealth of information, bringing both healing and much knowledge."
Publishers Weekly
"Hunsinger's thoughtful exploration of a fundamental issue faced by all who witness suffering as they work will be useful to pastoral care professionals."