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The Book of Revelation
PAPERBACK; Published: 9/7/2013
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7107-7
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1309 Pages
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Series: The New International Greek Testament Commentary (NIGTC)

This monumental commentary on the book of Revelation, originally published in 1999, has been highly acclaimed by scholars, pastors, students, and others seriously interested in interpreting the Apocalypse for the benefit of the church. Too often Revelation is viewed as a book only about the future. As G. K. Beale shows, however, Revelation is not merely a futurology but a book about how the church should live for the glory of God throughout the ages — including our own.

Engaging important questions concerning the interpretation of Revelation in scholarship today, as well as interacting with the various viewpoints scholars hold on these issues, Beale's work makes a major contribution in the much-debated area of how the Old Testament is used in the Apocalypse. Approaching Revelation in terms of its own historical background and literary character, Beale argues convincingly that John's use of Old Testament allusions — and the way the Jewish exegetical tradition interpreted these same allusions — provides the key for unlocking the meaning of Revelation's many obscure metaphors. In the course of Beale's careful verse- by-verse exegesis, which also untangles the logical flow of John's thought as it develops from chapter to chapter, it becomes clear that Revelation's challenging pictures are best understood not by apparent technological and contemporary parallels in the twentieth century but by Old Testament and Jewish parallels from the distant past.
"Beale . . . is a master not only of the biblical text but also of the secondary literature. His work will serve primarily as a reference commentary to be consulted when the reader wants a comprehensive and fair presentation of the evidence regarding a disputed point coupled with a clear line of argumentation and the author's own conclusion. . . . A reliable guide to the many literary, historical, and theological problems encountered in reading Revelation."
"A strong contribution to scholarship and a valuable resource for a more general audience. . . . Beale has performed a distinctive service. His bold positions are thoroughly argued. His erudition and depth of research are admirable. And he displays strong skills in historical reconstruction and exegesis. His treatment of John's work with the Hebrew scriptures alone make his commentary worth consulting."
Journal of Biblical Literature
"A significant contribution to our understanding of Revelation. . . . This commentary will certainly provide considerable insight into John's often perplexing vision. In particular, Beale's grasp of the Greek grammar of Revelation is outstanding. Too few scholars today have the linguistic expertise to furnish the reader with such extensive and thoughtful notes. . . . A truly important work that should be consulted as a reference by serious scholars of the Apocalypse."
The Bible Today
"A massive and thorough commentary on Revelation. . . . Takes its place as one of several important resources for interpreting this fascinating New Testament book."
Grant Osborne
— Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
"This is an incredibly learned study, a magisterial commentary on one of the most difficult books in the Bible. There has never been a deeper probing of the Old Testament allusions in the Apocalypse, nor a better presentation of the idealist interpretation. This work will be essential for all scholars and students of the book of Revelation for years to come."
M. Eugene Boring
— Brite Divinity School, Texas Christian University
"Beale has provided the academic community with an excellent contribution to the expanding library of reference works for interpreting the Apocalypse. . . . This volume will undoubtedly take its place as a standard work to be considered in responsible study of Revelation."
Richard Bauckham
— University of St. Andrews
"This long-awaited commentary is a magnificent achievement and will be an invaluable guide and resource for all future study of Revelation. Beale's particular emphasis on interpreting the text by reference to the Old Testament Scriptures and Jewish exegetical traditions is one that the text itself invites, while the orientation to theological reflection is also very welcome in a commentary on this profoundly theological text."
J. P. M. Sweet
— Cambridge University
"Beale has an unrivaled knowledge of Revelation and its Jewish background. His work will be invaluable both to scholars and students who want a thorough treatment of the textual and critical problems and to pastors and laypeople who want to know what Revelation meant — and means — in its own terms."