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Between the Beginning and the End
A Radical Kingdom Vision
J. H. Bavinck
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POD; Published: 9/26/2014
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7130-5
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156 Pages
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Radical, comprehensive vision of the kingdom of God in light of the new creation

Twentieth- century Dutch missiologist and prolific author J. H. Bavinck was committed to confronting the world with the saving message of Christ. In this first English translation of the Dutch work published in 1946, Bavinck presents a cosmic kingdom vision and champions the coming of the kingdom of Christ as the basic message of the gospel.

Bavinck eloquently challenges believers to live as kingdom people as he expresses a uniquely Reformed perspective on the eternal significance of our temporal world. His eschatological vision, which permeates the book, is now more relevant than ever as climate change, resource depletion, financial turmoil, and other issues increasingly threaten our world.

With Bert Hielema's skillful translation capturing the beauty and power of Bavinck's original text, Between the Beginning and the End calls all Christians to consider anew the entire scope of the church and Christ's kingdom.
John Bolt
— Calvin Theological Seminary
"J. H. Bavinck was not only one of the premier missiologists of the twentieth century; he was also, as this elegant set of meditations demonstrates, a gifted expositor of Scripture. . . . I don't know of another single book that provides such a reliable and inspiring guide to the panorama of biblical salvation history and its immediacy for us."
Andrew F. Walls
— Liverpool Hope University
Akrofi-Christaller Institute, Ghana
"Immense in scope and range, rich in suggestion and allusion, this book by J. H. Bavinck reflects his profound understanding of Scripture and history. It is splendid that we now have this thought-provoking work available in English."
Charles Van Engen
— Fuller Theological Seminary
"This moving meditation is a must-read for all church leaders. Bavinck's radical kingdom vision will revolutionize the reader's understanding of the Christian's place and role in God's mission from age to age. Bert Hielema's translation is outstanding — readable, fluid, clear, forceful, and compelling."
Jan A. B. Jongeneel
— Utrecht University
"This excellent study will open the eyes of many people around the globe to the richness of Bavinck's mission theology."