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God the Revealed
Michael Welker
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POD; Published: 12/14/2013
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7157-2
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346 Pages
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A new Christology by an internationally respected theologian

"God revealed himself in Jesus Christ!" Christian faith has confessed and proclaimed this message for nearly two thousand years. But what does it really mean?

In God the Revealed Michael Welker delves into this declaration and shows how it offers genuine insight into Christian faith. He asks "Who is Jesus Christ for us today?" and approaches the answer from five different angles -- the historical Jesus, the resurrection, the cross, the reign of Christ, and eschatology. Uniquely, Welker argues for the need to place historical Jesus research in a Christology and proposes a "Fourth Quest" for the historical Jesus.
Anglican Theological Review
"A stimulating book."
Dirk J. Smit
— University of Stellenbosch
"This is the study many have been waiting for — the mature thought of a leading scholar, weaving together insights from historical studies, biblical material, doctrinal developments, confessional convictions, philosophical arguments, cultural observations, and contemporary experiences in a creative way — and responding to Bonhoeffer's question Who is Jesus Christ for us today? There is nothing available that can be quite compared to this wide-ranging study, rethinking the presence of the living Christ in the light of current debates on the resurrection, cross, and office of the historical Jesus. Given Michael Welker's international repute, this translation will certainly be studied and discussed in many classrooms throughout the world."
Kathryn Tanner
— Yale Divinity School
"Welker helps make Jesus Christ come alive for us today by tackling the many theological challenges that obstruct recognition of God in our midst. In the process he offers a wonderfully complex account of our encounter with God in Christ in all its polyphonic and multidimensional reality. A compelling and wise book."
Risto Saarinen
— University of Helsinki
"After several books about the Holy Spirit and the creation, Michael Welker here presents a systematic Christology. He builds bridges between classical and contemporary issues, offering new insights on revelation, the cross, the resurrection, and the reign of the exalted Christ. Welker's multicontextual perspective will inform and inspire Christians from all denominations."
Lutheran Quarterly
"Welker's is an ambitious book which takes stock of current trends and seeks coherence between historical research and theological analysis."
Word & World
"[Welker's] treatment of contemporary and historical positions is insightful, fresh and important."
"Provides an indispensable contribution. Recommended."
Church Times
"Mature reflections on Christology. . . . The occasional modulation into homiletic mode witnesses to a keen and principled engagement not only with the olive grove of Academe, but also with the Church and the world."