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Worship and Culture
Foreign Country or Homeland?
POD; Published: 12/29/2014
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7158-9
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469 Pages
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Multifaceted expert perspectives on Christian worship in our multicultural, migrant world

How are we to proclaim Christ in different cultures? This question was central to a landmark study on worship and culture conducted by the Lutheran World Federation between 1992 and 1999. Much has changed in the years since then: the world today more than ever is a multicultural global village. Worship and Culture revisits that LWF study and publication, shedding new light on the question from recent theological and sociological scholarship to expand and enrich the texts in the original three- volume work.

This book includes texts from the main statements that came out of the original project as well as updated essays from some of the original contributors. It also adds new essays, prayers, and hymns to the conversation, inviting readers to consider what the life of the church should look like in today's hybrid, multicultural world.
  • Contributors
  • Julio Cézar Adam
  • Scott Anderson
  • Mark P. Bangert
  • Thomas F. Best
  • Stephen Burns
  • Anscar J. Chupungco, OSB
  • Joseph A. Donnella II
  • Norman A. Hjelm
  • Margaret Mary Kelleher, OSU
  • Dirk G. Lange
  • Gordon W. Lathrop
  • Anita Monro
  • Martha Moore-Keish
  • Melinda A. Quivik
  • Gail Ramshaw
  • S. Anita Stauffer
  • Benjamin M. Stewart
  • Gláucia Vasconcelos Wilkey
  • Joyce Ann Zimmerman, CPPS
Lutheran Quarterly
"Highly relevant for worship leaders, evangelists, and missionaries."
Thomas H. Schattauer
— Wartburg Theological Seminary, Dubuque, Iowa
"This wide-ranging collection of essays takes up the pathbreaking study of worship and culture sponsored by the Lutheran World Federation in the last decade of the twentieth century and carries the conversation forward into the twenty-first century. Readers new to that conversation will give thanks for this introduction to the seminal statements and work of the LWF study. Readers familiar with the issues will find here new treasures of understanding and insight."
Mark R. Francis, CSV
— Catholic Theological Union, Chicago
"Offers a sure guide to the often complex development of recent thinking on culture and liturgy and moves the discussion forward by asking hard questions about the contextualization of worship with which all Christians need to contend. In bringing these superb essays together in one volume, Gl�ucia Vasconcelos Wilkey has done the churches an immeasurable service. Any serious study on worship and culture will now have to take into account this extraordinary resource."
Dagmar Heller
— Ecumenical Institute at Bossey, Switzerland
"This volume not only revisits former Lutheran World Federation work but offers new contributions — not just from Lutheran scholars — to an important ecumenical discussion that sometimes seems to be forgotten."
International Bulletin of Missionary Research
"A significant new contribution to the ongoing discussion of how the true worship of God takes appropriate expression in varied local church contexts around the world."
The Presbyterian Outlook
"If worship holds us together across cultures, this book shows us why and leads the conversation forward."