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Calling and Clarity
Discovering What God Wants for Your Life
Doug Koskela
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PAPERBACK; Published: 1/15/2015
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7159-6
Price: $ 16.99
136 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 5.5 x 8.5
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Helpfully clarifies different kinds of divine calling in relation to vocation

Young adults often encounter mixed messages about vocation from their families, friends, and churches. On the one hand, they are encouraged to look at their gifts and passions to discern their particular calling; on the other hand, they are told that God may ask something of them that they don't want to do or aren't prepared for. The discontinuity between these messages has led to frustration for many.

Seeking to ease that frustration with this book, Doug Koskela carefully distinguishes between "missional calling," "direct calling," and "general calling." Koskela clarifies the relationship between gifts, passions, and vocation even as he offers practical guidance for the process of vocational discernment. This is a book for those who want to use their time, energy, and abilities faithfully as they move with purpose toward the future.

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Wat ch a 2015 interview here:

Stephen W. Rankin, chaplain
— Southern Methodist University
"An eminently wise guide to a critically important subject, this book does precisely what needs doing in helping young people discern God's calling; it integrates a careful reading of Scripture texts with a Trinitarian framework to shed light on life. . . . While reading with an analytical eye, I nonetheless found myself personally drawn into Doug Koskela's gentle yet pointed observations, remembering myself as a college student and thinking what a tremendous gift it would have been to have this book in front of me. I highly recommend it!"
Rick Dunn, pastor
— Fellowship Church, Knoxville, Tennessee
"As the father of three young adults, I hoped to discover in this book holistic and practical wisdom for my daughter and sons as they face the daunting questions of God's calling. I was not disappointed. Calling and Clarity offers a theologically rich yet personally accessible path toward discernment. . . . Doug's greatest gift to the reader is clearly revealing that the calling is not only from the Father but toward the Father."
Catholic Library World
"Calling and Clarity provides helpful assistance to the young or older adult seeking to discern God's will for their life. This reviewer wishes this book had been around when he was a young college student. . . . Recommended for all libraries."
Christian Century
"Practical, conversational in tone, and peppered with accessible stories and scriptural examples of calling."
Congregational Libraries Today
"Koskela offers guidance and clearly explains the differences between missional calling, direct calling, and general calling for choosing a life path both for profession and avocation. . . . Highly recommended for serious Christian young adults and to those who counsel them."
The Presbyterian Outlook
"This is — simply put — a superb, short, theologically substantial take on two of our favorite Presbyterian words: calling and vocation. It's a keeper, and should come off the shelf often. . . . This book can be put into the hands of high school graduates, college students, graduate students and graduates casting about for the next step. The singular clarity of the writing will lead the reader (even the not-so-careful reader) into the land of God's call on our lives. Koskela has carefully prepared an excellent map of that terrain, and the order of thought in each chapter is so well-presented that we have a clear picture, not only of where we are, but where we may and must go in our lives with God."