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Envisioning the Congregation, Practicing the Gospel
A Guide for Pastors and Lay Leaders
John W. Stewart
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POD; Published: 6/13/2015
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7164-0
Price: $ 24.50
236 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 6 x 9
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Wisdom on how church leaders can improve the quality of congregational life and witness

Reflecting a wealth of ministerial experience, this accessible and instructive book is designed to equip lay leaders and pastors of Protestant churches to better envision and practice gospel- driven ministry amid the challenges of our twenty-first-century context.

Especially addressing Baby Boomer and Gen X leaders, seasoned pastor and practical theologian John Stewart presents and explains five biblically mandated, foundational practices for being and nurturing the church: belonging, discipling, witnessing, serving, and worshiping. Stewart believes that these five practices are "essential markers" for congregations that seek to remain faithful to their risen Lord, and he offers memorable examples of how specific churches are carrying them out well.

Church leaders of every generation will find in these pages much practical wisdom on how to enhance their congregational life and mission. For any congregations wanting to remain faithful to their biblical heritage and mandate, Stewart's Envisioning the Congregation, Practicing the Gospel provides an excellent roadmap for doing what God calls the church to do.
Academy for Parish Clergy 2015 Top Ten Book for Parish
E. Stanley Ott
— author of Twelve Dynamic Shifts for Transforming Your Church
"With a wonderful confluence of pastoral experience and academic excellence, John Stewart offers a tour de force that will be an enduring text for church members, pastors, and seminary students. I look forward to putting this book into the hands of those whose heart's desire is for their congregations to be increasingly alive, vital, and faithful."
Sharing the Practice
"By following Stewart's strategies, the church can once again listen to whom Christ is calling into leadership, as we share our gifts and nurture deeper relationships both inside and outside the walls of the church."
The Presbyterian Outlook
"A solid look at the culture today and how the congregation can make an impact."