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John, His Gospel, and Jesus
In Pursuit of the Johannine Voice
POD; Published: 10/3/2015
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7170-1
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309 Pages
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Captures John's unique perspective and voice in the wider field of Jesus studies

In this volume Stanley Porter tackles a variety of important and often highly contentious topics within the Gospel of John as a means of defining and capturing the distinctive Johannine voice. Subjects discussed include John in relation to competing Gospels, the public proclamation of Jesus in John, the sources of John's Gospel, John's prologue, the "I Am" sayings, the notion of truth, the Passover theme, and the ending of the book.

Each chapter, besides surveying representative research, puts forward new and insightful proposals regarding the topics concerned. Porter does not shy away from matters that have often perplexed Johannine scholars, and he confronts some of the viewpoints that have led to confusion in the field. In exploring John's unique perspective and voice, Porter makes a significant contribution to the wider fields of Jesus studies and New Testament investigation.
Theological Studies
"Refreshing and interesting. . . . A book to be warmly recommended for its fresh treatment of Johannine issues."
R. Alan Culpepper in Interpretation
"While readers will invariably find much in the volume with which to agree and to debate, they will also find Porter’s 'voice' fresh, provocative, and informative."
R. Alan Culpepper
— McAfee School of Theology, Mercer University
"Stanley Porter has given us a rare book, neither an introduction nor a commentary, probing and precise but not technical. He starts by reminding us that the Gospel of John is, after all, about Jesus, and he listens for John's distinctive voice. Along the way, he examines various aspects of the Gospel, cutting through complicated debates with refreshing clarity. As a result, John, His Gospel, and Jesus leads readers on a rewarding exploration of the Gospel, while marking paths for further thought and future explorers."
Paul N. Anderson
— George Fox University
"In this bold and insightful book on John, Stanley Porter plies the same rigorous scholarship he has demonstrated in Synoptic studies toward discerning the authentic voice of the Fourth Gospel. . . . Refusing to relegate the Johannine Gospel to the product of a backwater, sectarian community, Porter restores it to its rightful place at the table — at the center of Gospel and Jesus studies alike. This book will make waves; it is good."
Craig A. Evans
— Acadia Divinity College
"Stanley Porter's studies on the Gospel of John are rich with grammatical, textual, and exegetical insights. Readers will especially appreciate how he integrates John's prologue, the `I am' statements, and chapter 21 into the Gospel as a whole, in welcome contrast to scholarship that historically has tended to interpret these elements as in various ways alien or supplemental. Porter is a keen critic and master interpreter. Scholars as well as students have much to learn from him."
Craig L. Blomberg
— Denver Seminary
"These studies by Stanley Porter help to rehabilitate the Fourth Gospel when compared with the Synoptics. There is evidence that it is earlier, more unified, more historical, and more in line with mainstream early Christian theology than is often granted. This book is a welcome addition to the growing number of works treating John from this positive perspective."