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For All God's Worth
True Worship and the Calling of the Church
N. T. Wright
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POD; Published: 9/5/2014
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7176-3
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148 Pages
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This insightful book by N. T. Wright explores both the meaning and the results of Christian worship. Part 1, "The God Who Is Worthy of Praise," focuses on what worshiping God actually means. Wright celebrates the greatness and beauty of God as the ground and reason for worship and shows how reflection on who God is leads us to true, heartfelt worship (from "worth- ship"), as we seek to give God all he's worth.

Part 2, "Reflecting God's Image in the World," addresses a range of issues that flow from the activity of worship. Since worship can never remain isolated from the task of the church, Wright here explores how true worship leads to the mission of the church in various specific ways.

Based firmly on sensitive and creative readings of the biblical text, this book is an inspiring call for renewal in the worship and witness of today's church.
-- Richard A. Burridge in Theological Book Review
"Beautifully written and easily read."
— Library Journal
"A passionate and thoughtful book."
— Anglican Journal
"Humor, perceptivity, and a firm grasp of the real world come together in this feast of expository meditations."