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Christian Reflections
PAPERBACK; Published: 10/22/2014
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7184-8
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233 Pages
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New issue of a modern classic

Shortly after his conversion in 1929, C. S. Lewis wrote to a friend, "When all is said (and truly said) about the divisions of Christendom, there remains, by God's mercy, an enormous common ground." From that time on, Lewis thought that the best service he could provide for his unbelieving neighbors was to explain and defend the faith that has been shared by nearly all Christians at all times.

Christian Reflections contains fourteen of Lewis's papers defending Christianity. They are colorfully varied, covering such topics as Christianity and literature, ethics, futility, church music, the Psalms, and petitionary prayer. Common to them all, however, are the uniquely effective style of C. S. Lewis and the basic presuppositions of his theology — his "mere" Christianity.
— Christianity Today
"An excellent introduction to the thought and personality of this engaging Christian writer."
— The Living Church
"Christian Reflections is in the style of a truly great scholar with a deep love and understanding of the classics, an extraordinary narrative power and clarity, and a precision in logic that goes to the heart of the matter under discussion. . . . This book is a veritable jewel."
— Clyde Kilby in Chicago Tribune
"This volume will be of special interest to people whose philosophy runs to futility, determinism, and atheism."
— Review & Expositor
"Refreshing originality. . . . A book that will both stimulate and tantalize."