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With All Our Prayers
Walking with God through the Christian Year
POD; Published: 2/6/2015
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7191-6
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126 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 5.5 x 8.5
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Thoughtful prayers grounded in the initiative of God's steadfast love and invincible grace

A resource for both corporate worship and personal devotion, With All Our Prayers invites readers to pray, think, and live into God's purpose for the world and for their own lives. Written by a longtime Presbyterian pastor, the beautiful prayers in this book are theologically grounded in God's steadfast love and invincible grace and contain traditional elements of adoration, confession, thanksgiving, petition, and intercession.

In this helpful volume church leaders will find prayers ordered around the liturgical calendar with themes appropriate to the seasons of the church year. Individuals and prayer groups will find guidance in praying for church and world, in interceding on behalf of strangers and enemies as well as loved ones and friends.

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Journal for Preachers
"Here is the work of a preacher and pastor who understands that in addition to the sermon, the other essential contribution to worship is the pastoral prayer. . . . A gift to preachers and to the church catholic."
The Anglican Theological Review
“Rogers’s careful and spiritual work is a part of the answer to one of the prayers it offers: ‘Make us grateful and faithful stewards of the present—this gift of life and time in which to work out our salvation with reverence, trust and obedience.’ This book provides a wealth of thoughts and prayers for anyone seeking to do that or lead or teach others to do the same.”
Thomas W. Currie
— Union Presbyterian Seminary
"The church undertakes no more radical witness in the world than when it prays, so John Rogers's book of prayers is a book of great hope. These prayers help us understand the radical nature of God's love and the gracious privilege of voicing our thanks and praise. They will serve as models for the church of the twenty-first century to begin the daring work of prayer."
Dean K. Thompson
— Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
"I gratefully use John Rogers's remarkable, theologically profound prayers both in public worship leadership and in my personal devotional life. These powerful and exquisite sacred offerings bring to mind the utterly compelling testimony of Psalm 42:7, that `deep calleth unto deep.' "
Congregational Libraries Today
"Any Christian who has difficulty praying will benefit from reading With All Our Prayers. . . . The prayers, arranged in chapters that follow the liturgical calendar, are excellent models both in style and in content. . . . Rogers couches his prayers in down-to-earth language with genuine sincerity, and the result is a beautiful elegance."