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POD; Published: 9/21/2014
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7196-1
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157 Pages
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Series: Guides to Theology

Informed guide to the theology of creation in the Bible, through church history, and for today

This book explores anew the theme of creation in Scripture, tradition, and contemporary theology. David Fergusson defends the classical account of creation out of nothing but pays more sustained attention than the Christian tradition typically has given to the holistic significance of the created world.

Offering both doctrinal exposition and apologetic argument, Fergusson discusses creation in relation to the problem of evil and the fall, divine providence, deism, Darwinian evolution, environmental ethics, animal rights, and more, even touching on the topic of extraterrestrial intelligence.
William P. Brown
— Columbia Theological Seminary
"With characteristic erudition and wit, David Fergusson has written the essential primer on the doctrine of creation. His integration of the biblical material, historical theology, and ecological sensibility makes this engaging volume a must-read. An added bonus is his wide-ranging annotated bibliography."
Ellen F. Davis
— Duke Divinity School
"This is a rare find: a concise work of historical and constructive theology on an urgent topic. In this highly readable book, Fergusson makes fresh sense of core theological doctrines, even as he pushes against some established boundaries of western theology. The carefully annotated bibliography is itself a major contribution and guide for further study, for beginners or those advanced in the field."
Hans Schwarz
— University of Regensburg
"Fergusson's treatment of creation covers all the important topics. . . . Provides sufficient historical information without boring the reader with irrelevant minutiae. Especially noteworthy is his extensive annotated bibliography."
"Provides an excellent introductory overview of Christian reflection on the doctrine of creation. . . . Anyone who reads this fine book — from theologians to lay readers — will be amply rewarded."