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The Story Luke Tells
Luke's Unique Witness to the Gospel

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PAPERBACK; Published: 2/14/2015
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7200-5
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141 Pages
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Wisdom from an eminent church historian on Luke as storyteller

Among New Testament writers, who is the best historian? Without a doubt, says Justo González, it's Luke. Concerned about the particulars of people and events, Luke also gives readers the big picture, positioning the stories of Jesus not just in the history of Israel but in the history of humankind. Luke uniquely tells us the grand story of salvation — then and now.

González skillfully highlights key themes in Luke's storytelling, including his strong emphasis on God's "great reversals," his keen interest in shared meals and their intimate connection to worship and communion, and his passionate underscoring of both the saving work of Christ and the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit. Writing in a conversational style, González draws readers into Luke's story with fresh overviews and rich details, showing how Luke invites us to continue his gospel witness today.

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M. Craig Barnes
— author of The Pastor as Minor Poet
"It is wonderful to have one of our greatest current historians of Christianity writing about the church's first historian. Justo Gonz�lez introduces us to the heart and mind of Luke as a theological storyteller, revealing Luke's genius in writing a new history."
John M. Buchanan
— editor and publisher of The Christian Century
"People and preachers love Luke — the powerful narrative, unforgettable parables, compelling personalities. Gonz�lez's fresh, new resource brings to the familiar words a scholar's insight and a historian's perspective. . . . A highly readable and accessible book that will engage the mind and feed the spirit."
Martin B. Copenhaver
— coauthor of This Odd and Wondrous Calling
"In this book Justo Gonz�lez invites us to explore Luke's Gospel and the book of Acts as twin volumes of the same masterwork. Like any experienced guide, Gonz�lez helps us see what we would otherwise miss: in his company, the journey into Luke's writings becomes even more engaging and enriching. Never again will I read Luke without drawing on Gonz�lez's insights, which now seem indispensable."
Paul Borgman
— author of The Way according to Luke
"A crisply written primer on major themes and cultural contexts in Luke-Acts. Gonz�lez nicely presents the scope of Luke's work as a continuation of the story told in the Hebrew scriptures. . . . The Story Luke Tells will entice readers to dig deeper and to think more broadly about Luke's vision of God's intended salvation through Israel's Messiah, Jesus."
Crux Sola
"A very enjoyable read. . . . Gonz�lez is a winsome and gifted communicator, and he `holds his own' in the Biblical Studies arena. If you want to dip into Luke's theology and his message for the church today, this is a pretty good place to start."
Methodist Recorder
"Very readable and quite short, but there is more to it than first impressions suggest. . . . This is a book which could be a useful resource for ministers, local preachers, and house groups who want to engage with the Gospel for the next liturgical year."
National Catholic Reporter
"Offers some key insights into the church's first historian. This solid introductory text will appeal to a broad readership."
Theology Today
"Offers an engaging walk-through of important themes in Luke-Acts. . . . The fruit of a wise theologian's thoughtful, lifelong engagement with Luke's story."
Presbyterian Outlook
"Justo Gonz�lez is an exemplary historian. Untold numbers of seminary students, now pastors, have been influenced by his long and distinguished work. Now he turns his considerable skills to explore the theology that undergirds the Gospel of Luke and the book of Acts. . . . This is not only church history, it's also a theological commentary. . . . Teachers and preachers should add this one to your Luke shelf and refer to it often."
Word & World
"This book serves as an ideal synthesis of exegesis and theology, especially for the pastor and preacher. . . . A rich reading of Luke that can enliven not just the preaching of the good news but its daily living as well."