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Called to Witness
Doing Missional Theology
PAPERBACK; Published: 9/6/2015
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7222-7
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219 Pages
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Series: The Gospel and Our Culture Series (GOCS)

Distillation of crucial issues for the church by one of the leading voices in missional theology

Since the publication of the groundbreaking volume Missional Church in 1998, there has been wide-ranging engagement with the theme of the missional church. One of the leading voices in the missional church conversation, Darrell Guder here lays out basic theological issues that must be addressed for the church to serve God faithfully as Christ's witnessing people.

Guder argues that there are major consequences for every classical theological locus if the fundamental claims of the missional church discussion are acknowledged. In Called to Witness he delves into these consequences, saying that we need to keep doing missional theology until it is possible to leave off the "missional scaffolding" because, after all, mission defines the very essence and calling of the church.
Academy of Parish Clergy 2015 Top Ten Book for Parish Ministry
George R. Hunsberger
— Western Theological Seminary
"Among the voices in the contemporary missional church movement, Darrell Guder is the grand master of the `missional theology' undergirding the conversation. . . . This volume gathers up the essays by which he has prodded, provoked, nudged, and stirred the theological academy toward rooting itself in the fundamental, course-altering recognition of the mission of God and the missional nature of the church. A must-read for all who care about enriching the missional identity and practice of the church."
Wilbert R. Shenk
— Fuller Graduate School of Intercultural Studies
"Darrell Guder's Called to Witness displays the qualities that have distinguished his writings over the past two decades. He consistently addresses themes essential to the renewal of the post-Christendom church and does so with clarity, conviction, and first-rate scholarship. His keen understanding of the disabling Christendom legacy that confronts the church in the West is reflected in the salient themes he addresses. Guder combines honest appraisal with confidence that the body of Christ can be renewed as it embraces God's mission."
M. Craig Barnes
— Princeton Theological Seminary
"This book offers the profound gleanings of a scholar who has devoted his life to exploring the depths of missional theology."
Dana L. Robert
— Boston University School of Theology
"Called to Witness belongs on the bookshelf of everyone interested in missional theology. Father of the concept of `missional church,' Darrell Guder is the leading missional theologian of his generation, and this volume presents the full range of his mature thought."
Sharing the Practice
"A good and important book."