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Reading the Bible Missionally
POD; Published: 11/27/2016
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7225-8
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357 Pages
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Series: The Gospel and Our Culture Series (GCOS)

Insights from a noteworthy convergence of top scholars in biblical studies and missiology

Over the past half century, it has become clear that mission is a central theme in the Bible's narrative and, moreover, is central to the very identity of the church. This book significantly widens and deepens the emerging conversation on missional hermeneutics.

Essays from top biblical and missiological scholars discuss reading the Scriptures missionally, using mission as a key interpretive lens. Five introductory chapters probe various elements of a missional hermeneutic, followed by sections on the Old and New Testaments that include chapters on two books from each to illustrate what a missional reading of them looks like. Essays in two concluding sections draw out the implications of a missional reading of Scripture for preaching and for theological education.


Craig G. Bartholomew
Richard Bauckham
Carl J. Bosma
Tim J. Davy
Dean Flemming
John R. Franke
Mark Glanville
Michael W. Goheen
Joel B. Green
Darrell L. Guder
George R. Hunsberger
Timothy M. Sheridan
Christopher J. H. Wright
N. T. Wright
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