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On Secular Governance
Lutheran Perspectives on Contemporary Legal Issues
POD; Published: 4/15/2016
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7228-9
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382 Pages
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This volume puts forth an unprecedented, distinctive Lutheran take on the intersection of law and religion in our society today. On Secular Governance gathers the collaborative reflections of legal and theological scholars on a range of subjects — women's issues, property law and the environment, immigration reform, human trafficking, church-state questions, and more — all addressed from uniquely Lutheran points of view.

Svend Andersen
Robert Benne
Ibrahim Bitrus
James M. Childs Jr.
Wanda Deifelt
Ronald W. Duty
Marie A. Failinger
Mary Gaebler
Patrick R. Keifert
Morten Kjaer
Susan R. Martyn
Richard J. Perry Jr.
Leopoldo A. Sánchez M.
Kirsi Stjerna
John R. Stumme
Victor Thasiah
W. Bradley Wendel
Journal of Lutheran Ethics
"A fascinating collection of modern legal issues looked at from a Lutheran perspective. . . . Challenging and engaging."
Concordia Theological Journal
“The editors and contributors to this volume should be commended for taking these first, hard steps in making Lutherans and Lutheranism relevant in the 21st century American and international legal landscape.”
Gary Simpson
— Luther Seminary
"What Ronald Duty and Marie Failinger have accomplished has never been done before! Until now, Lutherans have remained largely absent from the vigorous, interdisciplinary field of law and religion. Together for the first time, Lutheran authorities in the fields of secular law and Christian theology explore how classic Lutheran themes offer wisdom for contemporary legal questions. This volume will surely kindle future engagement."
Cathleen Kaveny
— Boston College
"The political theology of Martin Luther continues to have a tremendous effect on the political imagination of the West. At last we have a volume that examines pressing issues at the intersection of law and morality — religious freedom, racism, climate change, restorative justice — through the realistic and creative lens of Lutheran thought. The insights provided by this distinguished interdisciplinary group of authors are of broad and ecumenical relevance."