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Discovering Matthew
Content, Interpretation, Reception
Ian Boxall
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POD; Published: 7/4/2015
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7238-8
Price: $ 23.50
216 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 6 x 9
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Series: Discovering Biblical Texts (DBT)

Student-friendly introduction to the Gospel of Matthew

In this introduction to the story that Matthew tells, Ian Boxall deftly guides readers through the sources, origins, themes, and main characters of the first Gospel. The book's short chapters enable coverage of a wide range of topics, presenting the issues and scholarly debates surrounding the Gospel of Matthew in an accessible yet nuanced manner.

Like the first Discovering Biblical Texts volume, on the Gospel of John, Discovering Matthew offers a guide to key issues and questions raised by the text to enable readers to come to their own conclusions. Encouraging in-depth study of the text and genuine grappling with pertinent theological and historical questions, this book is an ideal introduction to the interpretation of Matthew.
Journal for the Study of The New Testament Booklist
"Boxall's student-orientated guide to Matthew is expertly done."

Restoration Quarterly

"The book does well what Boxall claims to have accomplished: explore the Gospel and the myriad ways it has been interpreted. The clarity of the work makes it useful and beneficial for a student's first in-depth scholarly look at Matthew."

Robert H. Gundry
— Westmont College
"Boxall has packed a lot of information into his book with a tight but limpid writing style, and a remarkable evenhandedness characterizes his discussion of disputed points. It would be hard to recommend, or even to imagine, a better contemporary introduction to the Gospel according to Matthew."
Paula Gooder
— Bible Society, UK
"No serious student of Matthew's Gospel should be without a copy."
Nicholas King
— University of Oxford
"Outstanding. . . . Full of thoughtful judgments, enabling even the experienced reader to see the text in quite a different way."
Warren Carter
— Brite Divinity School
"A wide-ranging and insightful discussion of Matthew's Gospel that engages contemporary interpretations as well as those from across the ages. The result is a rich tapestry of readings that elaborate this complex, tensive Gospel."