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Discovering John
Content, Interpretation, Reception
Ruth B. Edwards
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POD; Published: 7/4/2015
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7240-1
Price: $ 27.99
272 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 6 x 9
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Series: Discovering Biblical Texts (DBT)

Student-friendly introduction to the Gospel of John

This up-to-date introduction to John's Gospel is the first volume in the Discovering Biblical Texts series, which encourages students to engage deeply with the biblical writings by alerting them to key issues and questions raised by the text.

In Discovering John Ruth Edwards covers the structure, content, theological concerns, key interpretive debates, and historical reception of the Gospel of John. Does John still have meaning for the church and contemporary society? Does it need to be reinterpreted for today's world? Is it anti-Semitic? Edwards expertly guides readers through these questions and others, helping those interested in this provocative, sometimes enigmatic Gospel to discover the answers for themselves.
Craig S. Keener
— Asbury Theological Seminary
"Ruth Edwards here masterfully surveys the burgeoning secondary literature in Johannine studies, concisely yet with remarkable thoroughness. Readers will be impressed with her command of Johannine scholarship and will find this work one of the most helpful resources of its kind."
Catrin H. Williams
— University of Wales
"One of the most reliable and insightful guides to the text, interpretation, and reception of John's Gospel. . . . This splendid book will undoubtedly be appreciated for many years to come."
Francis J. Moloney
— Australian Catholic University
"With clarity, lightness of touch, and scholarly balance, Edwards engages with the complex debates generated by the Gospel of John. No issue is sidestepped. . . . A treasure for both scholar and student."