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The Protestant Reformation and World Christianity
Global Perspectives
POD; Published: 8/7/2017
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7304-0
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The sixteenth-century Reformation in all its forms and expressions sought nothing less than the transformation of the Christian faith. Five hundred years later, in today's context of world Christianity, the transformation continues. In this volume, editor Dale Irvin draws together a variety of international Christian perspectives that open up new understandings of the Reformation.

In six chapters, contributors offer general discussions and case studies of the effects of the Protestant Reformation on global communities from the sixteenth century to the present. Together, these essays encourage a reading and interpretation of the Reformation that will aid in the further transformation of Christianity today.


Introduction Dale T. Irvin
1. Jews and Muslims in Europe: Exorcising Prejudice against the Other Charles Amjad- Ali
2. Spaniards in the Americas: Las Casas among the Reformers Joel Morales Cruz
3. Women from Then to Now: A Commitment to Mutuality and Literacy Rebecca A. Giselbrecht
4. The Global South: The Synod of Dort on Baptizing the "Ethnics" David D. Daniels
5. The Protestant Reformations in Asia: A Blessing or a Curse? Peter C. Phan
6. The Modern Era: Contemporary Challenges in Light of the Reformation Vladimir Latinovic
Scott W. Sunquist
— Fuller Theological Seminary
“Two major issues of Christianity—reform and globalization—are brought together in this fascinating volume. Dale Irvin has assembled an insightful group of scholars to think again about the Reformation, but this time from Middle Eastern, Latin American, and other perspectives that are vitally important but much neglected. Through this helpful book we can begin a more integrated reading of the Reformation which brings these themes together in a common discourse. A very fitting and creative way to remember the Reformation 500 years later.”
Alberto L. García
— coauthor of Wittenberg Meets the World: Reimagining the Reformation at the Margins
“This excellent and provocative study of the Reformation lifts up global themes and voices often forgotten or neglected. The editor has assembled a fascinating cadre of scholars from different confessions and cultural centers that present in dialogical fashion the need for an ongoing global reformation of the church and new ways to bear witness to the gospel in our present world.”
The Anglican Theological Review
“Offers a great deal of historical information that will broaden any reader’s knowledge of the Reformation movements, as well as a great deal of theological, missional stimulation for the church’s continuing reforming work in our own times and places.”