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The Myth of Rebellious Angels
Studies in Second Temple Judaism and New Testament Texts
POD; Published: 2/17/2017
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7315-6
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447 Pages
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The mythical story of fallen angels preserved in 1 Enoch and related literature was profoundly influential during the Second Temple period. In this volume renowned scholar Loren Stuckenbruck explores aspects of that influence and demonstrates how the myth was reused and adapted to address new religious and cultural contexts.

Stuckenbruck considers a variety of themes, including demonology, giants, exorcism, petitionary prayer, the birth and activity of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the conversion of Gentiles, "apocalyptic" and the understanding of time, and more. He also offers a theological framework for the myth of fallen angels through which to reconsider several New Testament texts—the Synoptic Gospels, the Gospel of John, Acts, Paul's letters, and the book of Revelation.
Matthew Goff
— Florida State University
"Each new publication by Loren Stuckenbruck is a boon to the field. The essays in this volume are no exception. They expertly guide the reader through a number of difficult and important issues and texts. Reading through these essays will be of great benefit, whether one is a beginning student or an advanced scholar."
John J. Collins
— Yale Divinity School
"More than any other contemporary scholar, Loren Stuckenbruck combines expertise in Second Temple Judaism and in the New Testament. This volume is essential reading for anyone interested in the Jewish context in which Christianity emerged."
Judith H. Newman
— University of Toronto
"Stuckenbruck's deep scholarly knowledge and insight into the Enochic texts is unrivaled. This brilliant collection of essays displays his immense erudition and ability to provide nuanced textual interpretation. While focused in particular on the theme of the fallen angels, these essays serve as exemplary models for how to interrelate early Jewish works to the New Testament texts more broadly."
Matthias Henze
— Rice University
"Stuckenbruck has the rare gift of making cutting-edge scholarship and innovative research accessible to readers through his elegant writing. He is careful in his investigations and innovative in his theses. This volume is a must-read."
Kelley Coblentz Bautch
— St. Edward's University
"This comprehensive study of malevolent forces and extraordinary beings in Second Temple literature and New Testament texts makes clear the continuity between early Judaism and nascent Christianity. The reader is treated to detailed examination of both well-known and less familiar traditions by one of the foremost experts of this literature."
Review of Biblical Literature
"As one would expect from Stuckenbruck, the studies in this volume are carefully considered, thoroughly researched, and salutary for comprehending early Jewish and Christian literature."
Journal of Jewish Studies
"For a number of years, Loren Stuckenbruck has been at the forefront of all that is good about the study of Judaism in antiquity. This has not simply been due to his brilliance-although that has been repeatedly demonstrated-but is also due in no small part to the humility with which he treats both the primary sources and his fellow scholars, the sensitivity with which he approaches often difficult topics . . . and the respect and grace he displays to a variety of religious traditions. These qualities are clearly and amply demonstrated throughout this volume."
"For scholars looking for a repository of Stuckenbruck’s articles on the fallen angels, this collection is extremely valuable and a convenient collection of essential readings"
Theology Today
“Stuckenbruck is in a league of his own.”