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The Story of Latino Protestants in the United States
Juan Francisco Martínez
Foreword by Justo L. González

POD; Published: 1/30/2018
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7318-7
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264 Pages
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The first major historical overview of one of America's most vibrant Christian movements

This groundbreaking book by Juan Francisco Martínez provides a broad historical overview of Latino Protestantism in the United States from the early nineteenth century to the present.

Beginning with a description of the diverse Latino Protestant community and a summary of his own historiographical approach, Martínez then examines six major periods in the history of American Latino Protestantism, paying special attention to key social, political, and religious issues—including immigration policies, migration patterns, enculturation and assimilation, and others—that framed its development and diversification during each period. He concludes by outlining the challenges currently facing Latino Protestants in the United States and considering what Latino Protestantism might look like in the future.

Offering vital insights into key leaders, eras, and trends in Latino Protestantism, Martínez's work will prove an invaluable resource for all who are seeking to understand this rapidly growing US demographic.
Daniel Castelo
— Seattle Pacific University and Seminary
“People continue to associate Latino Christian identity as primarily Roman Catholic, but this work by Juan Martínez highlights it as also Protestant—and significantly so. Given how the story of Latino/a Protestants has been relatively understated, Martínez’s book fills a major void, exposing readers to large-scale developments, important nuances, and a host of figures, groups, and events. . . . A wonderful resource and a timely, reliable guide.”
Gabriel Salguero
— National Latino Evangelical Coalition
“For far too long, the rich contributions of Hispanic Protestants in the United States have been ignored. Beyond a facile caricature of Latino Protestantism, Martínez’s narrative is a necessary and powerful unearthing of the deep histories and diverse contributions of one of the fastest growing and most influential groups in American Christianity.”
The Christian Librarian
"An extremely well written and carefully documented history of a complex subject. This work is an essential acquisition for Christian Libraries supporting undergraduate and graduate students and is especially important for theological libraries preparing students in an increasingly Latino landscape."