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Empire, Economics, and the New Testament
HARDCOVER; Coming Soon: 11/12/2020
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7326-2
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240 Pages
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Peter Oakes has long been recognized for his illuminating use of Greco-Roman material culture and social-scientific criticism to interpret the New Testament. This volume combines his best work in a single volume and introduces a substantial new essay that challenges current scholarly approaches to paradoxical teachings of the New Testament. 

Of special interest to Oakes throughout this book is the concrete impact of economic realities and Roman imperialism on first-century Christian communities meeting in house churches. To address this, Oakes considers an array of textual and archaeological resources from first-century non-elite life, including extensive archaeological evidence available from Pompeii. Readers will find here a deep trove of wisdom for understanding the New Testament in the context of the Greco-Roman world.

Table of Contents

1. A House Church Account of Economics and Empire
2. Nine Types of Church in Nine Types of Space in the Insula of the Menander
3. Methodological Issues in Using Economic Evidence in Interpretation of Early Christian Texts
4. Economic Approaches, Scarce Resources, and Interpretive Opportunities
5. Urban Structure and Patronage: Christ Followers in Corinth
6. Jason and Penelope Hear Philippians 1:1–11
7. Re-mapping the Universe: Paul and the Emperor in 1 Thessalonians and Philippians
8. Christian Attitudes to Rome at the Time of Paul’s Letter
9. A State of Tension: Rome in the New Testament
10. God’s Sovereignty over Roman Authorities: A Theme in Philippians