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The Book of Jeremiah
POD; Published: 7/31/2017
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7329-3
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333 Pages
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Retrieves rich historical biblical insights for readers of Jeremiah today

In this volume, part of the Bible in Medieval Tradition series, Joy Schroeder provides substantial excerpts from seven noteworthy biblical interpreters who commented on Jeremiah between the ninth and fifteenth centuries.

Following a survey of early and medieval Christian authors and their interpretive approaches, Schroeder offers original translations from medieval commentators writing on twenty-four chapters of Jeremiah, including all chapters present in major western lectionaries. In addition to her clear, readable renderings of texts from authors including Thomas Aquinas, Nicholas of Lyra, and Denis the Carthusian, Schroeder provides an introduction to each author represented, locating him within his historical and theological context. The well-chosen selections in this masterful volume illustrate the rich diversity of medieval approaches to biblical interpretation and offer an intriguing glimpse into the worldview of medieval commentators.


Ra banus Maurus
Rupert of Deutz
Albert the Great
Hugh of St. Cher
Thomas Aquinas
Nicholas of Lyra
Denis the Carthusian
Frans van Liere
— Calvin College
“Schroeder offers here a broad sampling of the medieval exegetical tradition on Jeremiah—a book that, despite its length, did not receive much attention from medieval commentators. However, Schroeder’s accessible translation, richly annotated and preceded by a thorough introduction to the medieval interpretive tradition, shows that medieval commentators have much to offer to modern interpreters. Included here are select translations from almost every medieval commentary currently available in a printed edition, ranging from the Carolingian Rabanus Maurus to the late-medieval mystic Denis the Carthusian.”
Wanda Zemler-Cizewski
— Marquette University
“Joy Schroeder’s introduction alone in this volume is an outstanding guide to the history of medieval biblical interpretation in all its variety and surprising originality. Her translations are clear, readable, and accessible, while faithfully conveying the distinct voice of each medieval author. Finally, the notes and bibliography provide up-to-date resources for further study.”
Review of Biblical Literature
"An enjoyable read chock full of insights and historical amusements. Source critics might enjoy a gem from Albert the Great on the names of God (68), writers will be glad to see Jerome giving himself a shameless plug (103), and biblical translators can be consoled by Jerome’s admittance that he still has no idea what a word in Jer 4:19 means (112). . . . There are many other great lines and beautiful readings by these devout Christian scholars, and Schroeder has done us a great service by making their writings available through her accessible translations."