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Jesus as Healer
A Gospel for the Body
POD; Published: 5/14/2016
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7331-6
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283 Pages
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Healings and miracles play a prominent role in the New Testament accounts of Jesus' life and ministry. In the Western Christian tradition, however, Jesus' works of healing tend to be downplayed and understood as little more than a demonstration of his divine power.

In this book Jan-Olav Henriksen and Karl Olav Sandnes draw on both contemporary systematic theology and New Testament scholarship to challenge and investigate the reasons for that oversight. They constructively consider what it can mean for Christian theology today to understand Jesus as a healer, to embrace fully the embodied character of the Christian faith, and to recognize the many ways in which God can still be seen to have a healing presence in the world.
Graham Twelftree
— London School of Theology
"Henriksen and Sandnes have here brought spiritual healing from out of the shadows of modern medicine and theology into the center of Jesus' ministry and the Christian gospel. . . . Miracle and healing are redefined, God's gracious activity across religions is affirmed, and the gospel is shown to be truly incarnated. This is a rich and challenging book that advances the conversation for students, practitioners, and academics."
Celia Deane-Drummond
— University of Notre Dame
"This book is an example of fine scholarship at its very best: two erudite scholars from different disciplines — New Testament studies and philosophical theology — combine their talents in a joint work on Jesus' healing ministry and its significance for contemporary theology. This fascinating and richly diverse text covers many topics connected with healing, but perhaps is most persuasive because it pushes readers beyond their current experience. . . . A convincing case for the continued significance of the healing aspects of Jesus' ministry."