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The Woman, the Hour, and the Garden
A Study of Imagery in the Gospel of John
POD; Published: 3/29/2016
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7339-2
Price: $ 18.99
123 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 5.5 x 8.5
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Was Jesus ever married? Yes, indeed, says Addison Hodges Hart — but not in the way that recent sensationalist writers have claimed. In this book Hart opens an illuminating window into John's Gospel as he explores its rich, poetic imagery, particularly the metaphorical significance of "the Woman."

Inspired by the writings of early church fathers and medieval theologians, Hart presents the Gospel of John as an incarnational, sacramental text and shows that it is primarily a revelation of salvation, deeply mystical and intended to lead its readers into a living relationship with the one who is the Bridegroom of his people.
Robert Louis Wilken
— University of Virginia
"The best books are short and deep, and this is just such a book. . . . With the help of Christian art and poetry Addison Hodges Hart shows that 'woman' is an icon of the gathered community, which leads to the bold conclusion that Christ is indeed married and has taken a bride, the church. This is a book for meditation, to be read slowly with the text of the Gospel in hand."
Rodney A. Whitacre
— Trinity School for Ministry
"Hart gives us not only a wonderful study of several key themes in the Gospel of John but also a very accessible reading of Scripture in company with the ancient church. . . . Here we have a contemporary example of how to read the Scriptures on their own terms, not just for the sake of gaining thoughts and ideas but for a life-giving encounter with the one to whom they bear witness."