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An Apostle's Journey
PAPERBACK; Published: 1/18/2018
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7347-7
219 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 6" x 9"
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Douglas Campbell has made a name for himself as one of Paul’s most insightful and provocative interpreters. In this short and spirited book Campbell introduces readers to the apostle he has studied in depth over his scholarly career.

Enter with Campbell into Paul’s world, relive the story of Paul’s action-packed ministry, and follow the development of Paul’s thought throughout both his physical and his spiritual travels.

Ideal for students, individual readers, and study groups, Paul: An Apostle’s Journey dramatically recounts the life of one of early Christianity’s most fascinating figures—and offers powerful insight into his mind and his influential message.

Douglas Harink
— The King’s University, Edmonton
“Crazy! A racy, page-turning blockbuster on the apostle Paul! Simultaneously courageous and outrageous, tendentious and tender, pugnacious and pastoral, Campbell pours forth his vision of Paul with imagination, verve, and passion; with stories ancient and modern; with immense learning on every page, but never a boring word. The best book on Paul since Acts.”
David G. Horrell
— University of Exeter
“This lively, engaging, distinctive, and personal portrait of the apostle Paul makes him powerfully relevant for Christians in the contemporary USA while also situating him firmly in the ancient world.”
Chris Tilling
— St. Mellitus College
“Quite simply outstanding, accessible to those with little theological education yet packed with enough depth to keep an experienced reader engrossed. . . . Campbell’s exegetical skill and theological erudition are here joined by a remarkable pastoral and even prophetic depth, which confronts us with the phenomenon of Paul in a unique way.”
Alan J. Torrance
— University of St. Andrews
“A lively, readable, and profoundly insightful study of Paul and his life by one of his greatest contemporary interpreters.”