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On Earth as It Is in Heaven
Cultivating a Contemporary Theology of Creation
PAPERBACK; Published: 4/24/2016
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7350-7
Price: $ 35.00
332 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 6 x 9
Series: Catholic Theological Formation Series (CTF)

With the 2015 publication of Pope Francis's encyclical Laudato Si', many people of faith have found themselves challenged to seek new ways of addressing serious ecological questions — issues essential to the flourishing of all creatures and not just human beings. This volume brings together fifteen select scholars to consider pressing contemporary environmental concerns through the lens of Catholic theology.

Drawing from the early church fathers and other authoritative voices in the Christian tradition, the contributors to On Earth as It Is in Heaven show how ancient, creedal Christianity offers significant insights into our current ecological dilemmas and speaks powerfully about what it means for us today to care well for God's good creation.

  • Robert Louis Wilken on honoring centipedes and toads — and all of God's created works
  • Christopher J. Thompson on not reducing creatures to "resources" solely to be "used"
  • Steven A. Long on understanding the created order as a participation in the divine, eternal law
  • Marie George on human stewardship of creation as both kingship and kinship
  • Matthew Levering on "be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth" — a good idea?
  • Dawn M. Nothwehr, OSF, on sustainability from a Franciscan perspective
  • John A. Cuddeback on land use and household stewardship
  • Faith Pawl on animal flourishing and suffering
  • Paul M. Blowers on evolutionary theory and the promise of restoration for all creation
  • Christopher A. Franks on Job, poverty, gratitude, and "a gentle life"
  • Jonathan J. Sanford on how Aristotle and Maritain illuminate our obligation to care for creation
  • Paige E. Hochschild on contemplating rather than dominating nature, building on Augustine and George Grant
  • Chris Killheffer on how monastic sources help us rethink gluttony and its remedies
  • David Vincent Meconi, SJ, on the wonderful, awe-filled interrelationship between creatures and their Creator
  • Esther Mary Nickel, RSM, on the liturgy as the space in which all creation is consecrated before the cross of Christ