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On Christian Teaching
Practicing Faith in the Classroom
PAPERBACK; Published: 5/28/2018
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7360-6
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182 Pages
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Christian teachers have long been thinking about what content to teach, but little scholarship has been devoted to how faith forms the actual process of teaching. Is there a way to go beyond Christian perspectives on the subject matter and think about the teaching itself as Christian? In this book David I. Smith shows how faith can and should play a critical role in shaping pedagogy and the learning experience.

Lilly Fellows Program in Humanities and the Arts Book Award (2021)
— L. Gregory Jones
Duke Divinity School
“David Smith does it again! Here he accomplishes a rare feat—a book that is at the same time brilliantly insightful and extraordinarily practical. On Christian Teaching is a much-needed text that will inspire Christians who are teachers, Christians who care about teaching and learning, and all who want to see what ‘Christian teaching’ can be at its best.”

— Perry L. Glanzer
Baylor University
“Once again David Smith takes us on a journey and exposes us to teaching vistas that few have contemplated. He subjects our ordinary teaching rituals to rigorous Christian critical analysis. Then he leads us to ponder anew what it might mean to love students and teach them to love. As a result, I found myself revising parts of my classes after reading most every chapter. David’s wisdom continually exposes one to pedagogical treasures that those of us with less-skilled eyes miss.”
— Trevor Cooling
Canterbury Christ Church University
“Thousands of Christian educators at conferences and in lectures across the world have been inspired by hearing David Smith share his vision for Christian pedagogy. This unique book makes that inspiration widely available to many others. A masterpiece in accessible scholarship for classroom teachers, On Christian Teaching has the potential to change everything.”