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The Believing Scientist
Essays on Science and Religion
POD; Published: 11/20/2016
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7370-5
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232 Pages
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Elegant writings by a cutting- edge research scientist defending traditional theological and philosophical positions

Both an accomplished theoretical physicist and a faithful Catholic, Stephen Barr in this book addresses a wide range of questions about the relationship between science and religion, providing a beautiful picture of how they can coexist in harmony.

In his first essay, "Retelling the Story of Science," Barr challenges the widely held idea that there is an inherent conflict between science and religion. He goes on to analyze such topics as the quantum creation of universes from nothing, the multiverse, the Intelligent Design movement, and the implications of neuroscience for the reality of the soul.

Including reviews of highly influential books by such figures as Edward O. Wilson, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Jay Gould, Francis S. Collins, Michael Behe, and Thomas Nagel, The Believing Scientist helpfully engages pressing questions that often vex religious believers who wish to engage with the world of science.
Donald Cardinal Wuerl
— Archbishop of Washington
"These thoughtful and thought-provoking essays are a rich demonstration of both scientific expertise and religious conviction."
George Weigel
— Ethics and Public Policy Center
"Stephen Barr's work, well grounded in real science and informed by deep faith, is a bracing antidote to the bluster of the New Atheists and a major contribution to the renewal of Western culture."
David Novak
— University of Toronto
"In this book Stephen Barr beautifully demonstrates how his work as a scientist and his life as a religious believer enrich one another, because both are different yet complementary approaches to the same universal reality created by God."
Stephen C. Meredith
— University of Chicago
"These essays are a must-read for anyone who has wondered why we couldn't or shouldn't have both science and religion in our lives."
John C. Cavadini
— University of Notre Dame
"Barr has given us a treasure trove in this collection of essays, full of his characteristic brilliance and his trademark ability to make complex ideas accessible to nonspecialists. This book will prove its value for years to come, both inside the classroom and out."
Jonathan Lunine
— Cornell University
"A compelling case that science and religion are not in conflict in a truly rational worldview. Barr provides his readers with an expert's tour of the most profound implications of modern physics."

Arnold E. Sikkema
— Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith
“Barr delivers well-placed, incisive, and often witty criticism of "scientist-atheists" such as Dawkins.”