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Jesus the Spirit Baptizer
Christology in Light of Pentecost
HARDCOVER; Published: 9/10/2018
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7389-7
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383 Pages
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This book by globally recognized Pentecostal scholar Frank Macchia brings an incarnational and a Spirit Christology together in fresh, groundbreaking ways. Drawing from both classical and contemporary sources, Jesus the Spirit Baptizer probes the fundamental connection between the person of Christ and the Holy Spirit, arguing that Christology properly explicates Jesus as the one who bears the Spirit so as to impart the Spirit to all flesh.
Jürgen Moltmann
— University of Tübingen
“Frank Macchia understands the outpouring of the life-giving Spirit as the fulfillment of Christ’s life and mission. And so he rightly interprets the birth, passion, and resurrection of Christ from the perspective of Pentecost. . . . I am grateful for this book.”
Alan G. Padgett
— Luther Seminary
“In this readable and delightful essay on Christology, Frank Macchia contributes his own blossom to the flowering of Pentecostal systematic theology in our time. Ecumenical and grounded in Pentecost, this Christology is at once biblical and academic, creative and traditional. Macchia’s salutary critical dialogue with Pannenberg and Barth only serves to deepen his analysis and extend his own creative revisions.”
Michael Welker
— University of Heidelberg
“A truly inspiring Christology by leading Pentecostal theologian Frank Macchia, who argues that Pentecost is the culminating event of Christ’s identity and mission. Macchia unfolds a Spirit-Christology that sheds new light on the saving and ennobling work of Jesus Christ and on the creativity of the triune God. This Christology provides rich nourishment for theological thought and Christian faith.”
Amos Yong
— Fuller Theological Seminary
“Frank Macchia has long been at the vanguard of Pentecostal theology as it has engaged the historic Christian theological tradition. This Pentecostal Christology of his reconfigures the entire theological landscape!”
J. Warren Smith
— Duke Divinity School
“Frank Macchia’s Jesus the Spirit Baptizer offers a needed corrective to the sad fact of the Holy Spirit’s neglect by Christian theology. By depicting Pentecost, not Easter, as the climax of the incarnation, Macchia presents a Trinitarian reading of the Gospel narrative that not only integrates the work of the Son and the Spirit but also offers a robust eschatology full of hopeful anticipation.”
Daniel Castelo
— Seattle Pacific University
“A perpetual challenge within Christology and pneumatology is the prominent and early claim made by the Baptist in all four Gospels that Jesus was to baptize in the Spirit, yet this language is not picked up again until the beginning of Acts. How can we reconcile such prominence on the one hand and such blatant silence on the other? The answer lies in deliberate, extensive, and creative theological reflection that connects and reconnects all that we know in suggestive and illuminating ways. Few people can succeed at such a task. Frank Macchia not only can but does so masterfully. This book is a true gem, showing that Macchia is one of his generation’s most important and capable theologians.”
Theological Studies
“Jesus the Spirit Baptizer constitutes an insightful contribution to the christological and pneumatological reflection by unfolding the intuition that Christ is best seen in close relationship to the Spirit and from the vantage point of Pentecost, and by offering a comprehensive reading of the christological moments through that lens.”