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Church History
An Introduction to Research Methods and Resources, Second Edition
POD; Published: 3/22/2016
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7405-4
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314 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 6 x 9
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In their acclaimed, much-used Church History, James Bradley and Richard Muller lay out guidelines, methods, and basic reference tools for research and writing in the fields of church history and historical theology. Over the years, this book has helped countless students define their topics, locate relevant source materials, and write quality papers.

This revised, expanded, and updated second edition includes discussion of Internet-based research, digitized texts, and the electronic forms of research tools. The greatly enlarged bibliography of study aids now includes many significant new resources that have become available since the first edition's publication in 1995. Accessible and clear, this introduction will continue to benefit both students and experienced scholars in the field.
Praise for the first edition:

Harry S. Stout
"This is the most comprehensive and most lucidly written introduction to the methods of historical research and writing in the field of church history that I have seen. The authors are to be commended for engaging issues of faith and critical scholarship in ways that detract neither from personal commitment nor from historical rigor. . . . All in all, a magnificent achievement."
Christian Century
"While Bradley and Muller show how hard it is to learn the craft, they help the apprentice considerably."
Religious Studies Review
"A reliable roadmap for all who would enter the scholarly labyrinth known as 'church history.' . . . All new practitioners of the discipline, not to mention old ones, could benefit from this book."