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Sacred Misinterpretation
Reaching across the Christian-Muslim Divide
Martin Accad
Foreword by Gabriel Said Reynolds

PAPERBACK; Published: 6/6/2019
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7414-6
Price: $ 42.99
396 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 6 x 9
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Promotes gracious interfaith dialogue on sensitive theological issues

Theological issues are crucial to how Christians and Muslims understand and perceive each other. In Sacred Misinterpretation Martin Accad guides readers through key theological questions that fuel conflict and misunderstanding between Muslims and Christians. A sure-footed guide, he weaves personal stories together with deep discussion of theological beliefs.

Accad identifies trends, recognizes historical realities, and brings to light significant points of contention that often lead to break-down in Christian-Muslim dialogue. He also outlines positive and creative trends that could lead to a more hopeful future. Fairly and seriously presenting both Muslim theology and a Muslim interpretation of Christian theology, Sacred Misinterpretation is an essential guide for fostering dialogue and understanding among readers from both faiths.
Philip Jenkins
— Baylor University
“In his thoughtful and thoroughly researched book Sacred Misinterpretation, Martin Accad has supplied a splendid tool for future interreligious dialogue.”

Publishers Weekly

"Christian readers looking to understand the overlaps and discrepancies between their religion and Islam will be enriched by Accad’s emphasis on the need to approach Islam with more humility and these debates with an open mind.

“A very fine contribution to the ongoing contemporary studies of historical scholarly Muslim-Christian engagement.”
Religious Studies Review
“This will prove to be a seminal work which will be built upon by the generation of scholars ahead of us and would ideally be on the shelves of those who seek to build bridges of their own.”