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Consider the Women
A Provocative Guide to Three Matriarchs of the Bible
PAPERBACK; Published: 3/7/2019
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7429-0
Price: $ 19.99
224 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 5 x 8
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A timely and compelling new look at three key women in the biblical narrative 

Among the mostly male-dominated narratives in Scripture, the stories of women can be game-changing. In this book Debbie Blue looks closely at Hagar (mother of Islam), Esther (Jewish heroine), and Mary (Christian matriarch)—and finds in them unexpected and inviting new ways of navigating faith and life. 

As she sets out to explore these biblical characters who live and move in places and ways outside of the strict boundaries of tradition, Blue encounters many real life characters who challenge her expectations and renew her hope—a Muslim tattoo artist, a Saudi Arabian sculptor, a rabbi in a Darth Vader costume, Aztec dancers at a feast of Guadalupe, an Islamic feminist scholar, and more.

Readers who embark with Blue on the sometimes unorthodox, subversive paths of these curious and lively figures will be led to envision more expansive and hopeful possibilities for faith, human connection, and love in our divided, violent world.
Jana Reiss
— author of Flunking Sainthood
“Every time I read a book by Debbie Blue, I learn something. Here, the women of the Bible come alive, and even stories I thought I knew become fresh and dangerous. I love Blue’s sense of humor, her deep research, and above all her empathy for these biblical characters.”
Katherine Willis Pershey
— author of Very Married
“With her signature wit, eccentricity, and sweeping curiosity, Blue vividly imagines these ancient matriarchs in new and nuanced light. Beautifully written and meticulously researched, Consider the Women is just the book we need in a world suffused with inconsideration and misogyny.”
Alice Connor
— author of Fierce
Consider the Women is part playful reminder of all the stories we’ve forgotten and part frustrated disapproval of where we’ve ended up. Blue delves deep into women who couldn’t be regulated, who didn’t recede into the background, who persevered. It’s an encouraging read in an era of physical and spiritual threat. What if, even for a moment, we consider the women?”
Douglas Frank
“With her usual relaxed humor and sly understatement, Debbie Blue imagines her three biblical matriarchsHagar, Esther and Maryinto full and thoroughly messy humanity. Her colorful everyday language and spunky irreverence mask her deep wisdom and the profundity of her observations and help relieve the boredom so many of us feel when we try to read the Bible.”
Publishers Weekly (starred review)
"Clear, engaging, and funny. . . . Blue’s message of a female-centric rereading of scripture will resonate with academics and any general reader of Christian theology"

Word & World

"I highly recommend this book as a very useful tool for either a onetime use or an ongoing study on stewardship. . . . It is a valuable tool for pastors, stewardship and finance teams, council members, and other church leaders. It is an exceptional resource for seminary students who are only offered stewardship courses as electives."

Publishers Weekly (STARRED review)
"Subversive rather than subservient, Blue's book directly disrupts male narratives and interpretations. . . . Clear, engaging, and funny but also maintains seriousness."
Jennifer Grant
— author of Maybe God Is Like That Too and Love You More
"What happens when we dare explore Biblical stories from the perspectives of faith traditions different than our own? In Consider the Women, Debbie Blue does just that—and also looks at these stories through a matriarchal lens. The result—as is always the case in her provocative, engaging, inspiring writing—is a new way to approach and appreciate our odd, contrary, and sometimes disturbing Scriptures. We also gain a fresh look at Hagar, Esther, and Mary, “three matriarchs of the Bible.” Bonus: the reader’s guide at the end of the book moves way beyond rote Q&A and invites serious group study and contemplation. (Though “serious” is too dry and brittle a word; she compares Esther to Alexander Hamilton, for crying out loud, as she’s “not throwing away her shot.”) Highly recommend!"

Publishers Weekly (STARRED review)

"Subversive rather than subservient, Blue's book directly disrupts male narratives and interpretations. . . . Clear, engaging, and funny but also maintains seriousness."

Christian Century
“With her characteristic wit and insight, Debbie Blue weaves together the stories of Hagar, Esther, and Mary (the mother of Jesus) with stories of her own encounters with Muslims, Jews, and Christians who hold these biblical matriarchs in their hearts.”
Church Times
Consider the Women is not only provocative: it is refreshing, and it has ‘attitude.’ . . . [Blue] brings the biblical stories alive with lots of contemporary parallels, and she investigates Hagar in Islam and Esther in Judaism with masterly bravado. . . . Witty, sharp, funny, and never boring.”