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Israel's Scriptures in Early Christian Writings
The Use of the Old Testament in the New

HARDCOVER; Coming Soon: 7/20/2023
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How did New Testament authors use Israel’s Scriptures?  
Use, misuse, appropriation, citation, allusion, inspiration—how do we characterize the manifold images, paraphrases, and quotations of the Jewish Scriptures that pervade the New Testament? Over the past few decades, scholars have tackled the question with a variety of methodologies. New Testament authors were part of a broader landscape of Jewish readers interpreting Scripture. Recent studies have sought to understand the various compositional techniques of the early Christians who composed the New Testament in this context and on the authors’ own terms.  
In this landmark collection of essays, Matthias Henze and David Lincicum marshal an international group of renowned scholars to analyze the New Testament, text-by-text, aiming to better understand what roles Israel’s Scriptures play therein. In addition to explicating each book, the essayists also cut across texts to chart the most important central concepts, such as the messiah, covenants, and the end times. Carefully constructed reception history of both testaments rounds out the volume.  
Comprehensive and foundational, Israel’s Scriptures in Early Christian Writings will serve as an essential resource for biblical scholars for years to come.

Contributors: Garrick V. Allen, Michael Avioz, Martin Bauspiess, Richard J. Bautch, Ian K. Boxall, Marc Zvi Brettler, Jaime Clark-Soles, Michael B. Cover, A. Andrew Das, Susan Docherty, Paul Foster, Jörg Frey, Alexandria Frisch, Edmon L. Gallagher, Gabriella Gelardini, Jennie Grillo, Gerd Häfner, Matthias Henze, J. Thomas Hewitt, Robin M. Jensen, Martin Karrer, Matthias Konradt, Katja Kujanpää, John R. Levison, David Lincicum, Grant Macaskill, Tobias Nicklas, Valérie Nicolet, Karl-Wilhelm Niebuhr, George Parsenios, Benjamin E. Reynolds, Dieter T. Roth, Dietrich Rusam, Jens Schröter, Claudia Setzer, Elizabeth Evans Shively, Michael Karl-Heinz Sommer, Angela Standhartinger, Gert J. Steyn, Todd D. Still, Rodney A. Werline, Benjamin Wold, Archie T. Wright 

Table of Contents

List of Abbreviations
Introduction, by Matthias Henze and David Lincicum 
Part I: Contexts 
          1. What Were the “Scriptures” in the Time of Jesus?, by Edmon L. Gallagher 
          2. Israel’s Scriptures in the Hebrew Bible, by Marc Zvi Brettler 
          3. Israel’s Greek Scriptures and Their Collection in the Septuagint, by Martin Karrer 
          4. Israel’s Scriptures in Early Jewish Literature, by Grant Macaskill 
          5. Israel’s Scriptures in the Dead Sea Scrolls, by Susan Docherty 
          6. Israel’s Scriptures in Philo and the Alexandrian Jewish Tradition, by Michael B. Cover 
          7. Israel’s Scriptures in Josephus, by Michael Avioz 
Part II: Israel’s Scriptures in the New Testament 
     A. The Gospels and Acts 
          8. Israel’s Scriptures in Matthew, by Matthias Konradt 
          9. Israel’s Scriptures in Mark, by Elizabeth Evans Shively 
          10. Israel’s Scriptures in Luke, by Martin Bauspiess 
          11. Israel’s Scriptures in John, by Jaime Clark-Soles 
          12. Israel’s Scriptures in Acts, by Dietrich Rusam 
     B. The Apostle Paul 
          13. Israel’s Scriptures in Romans, by Jens Schröter 
          14. Israel’s Scriptures in 1 and 2 Corinthians, by Katja Kujanpää 
          15. Israel’s Scriptures in Galatians, by A. Andrew Das 
          16. Israel’s Scriptures in Ephesians and Colossians, by Paul Foster 
          17. Israel’s Scriptures in Philippians and Philemon, by Angela Standhartinger 
          18. Israel’s Scriptures in 1 and 2 Thessalonians, by Todd D. Still 
          19. Israel’s Scriptures in the Pastoral Epistles, by Gerd Häfner 
     C. Hebrews and the Catholic Letters 
          20. Israel’s Scriptures in Hebrews, by Gabriella Gelardini 
          21. Israel’s Scriptures in James, by Karl-Wilhelm Niebuhr 
          22. Israel’s Scriptures in 1 Peter, Jude, and 2 Peter, by Jörg Frey 
          23. Israel’s Scriptures in the Johannine Letters, by George Parsenios 
     D. The Book of Revelation 
          24. Israel’s Scriptures in the Revelation of John, by Ian K. Boxall    
Part III: Themes and Topics from Israel’s Scriptures in the New Testament
          25. God, by Archie T. Wright 
          26. Messiah, by J. Thomas Hewitt 
          27. Holy Spirit, by John R. Levison 
          28. Covenant, by Richard J. Bautch 
          29. Law, by Claudia Setzer 
          30. Wisdom, by Benjamin Wold 
          31. Liturgy and Prayer, by Rodney A. Werline 
          32. Eschatology, by Garrick V. Allen 
Part IV: Tracing Israel’s Scriptures 
          33. Deuteronomy in the New Testament, by Gert J. Steyn 
          34. Isaiah in the New Testament, by Benjamin E. Reynolds 
          35. The Psalms in the New Testament, by Matthias Henze 
          36. Daniel in the New Testament, by Alexandria Frisch and Jennie Grillo 
          37. Figures of Ancient Israel in the New Testament, by Valérie Nicolet 
Part V: Israel’s Scriptures in Early Christianity Outside the New Testament 
          38. Israel’s Scriptures in the Apocryphal Gospels, by Tobias Nicklas 
          39. Israel’s Scriptures in the Apocryphal Apocalypses, by Michael Karl-Heinz Sommer 
          40. Israel’s Scriptures in the Adversus Judaeos Literature, by David Lincicum 
          41. Israel’s Scriptures in Marcion and the Critical Tradition, by Dieter T. Roth 
          42. Israel’s Scriptures in Early Christian Pictorial Art, by Robin M. Jensen 
List of Contributors

“The early Christians were scriptural thinkers. To the degree that we do not understand that, we do not understand them much at all. The basic importance of Henze and Lincicum’s comprehensive volume is thus hard to overestimate. The essays explore not only the remarkable dexterity with which the early Christians read Israel’s Scriptures but also the significance of their readings for understanding the Christian texts in the first place.” 
—C. Kavin Rowe 
Duke University 
“Cutting edge and comprehensive, these essays by an international team of scholars show how indispensable and how malleable the Scriptures of Israel, broadly defined, were for the followers of Jesus. Brilliantly conceived, meticulously detailed, and engagingly presented.” 
—Amy-Jill Levine 
Vanderbilt University